Genshin Impact How To Plant Dream Bloom?

Genshin Impact How To Plant Dream Bloom
Instructions on How to Sow Dreambloom Seeds Impact of the Genshin – In order to sow Genshin Impact. Once you have the Dreambloom seeds in your possession, you should put them in the Serenitea Pot. In order to plant the seeds, you will first need to prepare a Luxuriant Glebe plot.

  • To accomplish this, navigate to the “Landform” menu option and click on the little symbol that resembles four pillows.
  • That is going to be the location of the Luxuriant Glebe.
  • After you have placed it, you may approach it, and you will immediately be given the option to plant the seeds that you have obtained.

After that point, it should not be too difficult to understand what is going on. However, there is one thing that we feel obligated to point out, and that is the fact that the color of the flowers that you will produce appears to be completely at random.

How do you plant Dreambloom seeds Genshin Impact?

After the gardening plot has been set up, players of Genshin Impact should approach it and pick ‘plant in the Luxuriant Glebe’ from the menu. After taking this step, fans will be sent to a new menu where they can choose up to four Dreambloom seeds. Once they have made their selections, they should click the “Plant” button to plant the seeds in the earth.

How do you plant in Dreambloom event?

Event Guide for the Dreams of Bloom World Tour –

Walkthrough Chart
1 Talk to Sakuya
2 Obtain the seeds.
3 Plant the seeds on your Serenitea Pot.
4 Harvest the seeds and trade with your friends or keep the flower.
5 Decorate the flower stands beside Sakuya.

How do you do the Dreambloom event on Genshin?

In conclusion – The event known as “Dreams of Bloom” goes on for a total of 10 days. You have the opportunity to trade in Sakuya’s Flowers for Dreambloom seeds throughout the first six days of the event. After that, you may use the Serenitea Pot to sow Dreambloom seeds in the Path of Value: Luxuriant Glebe area of the game.

These seeds, given enough time, will sprout into Dreamblooms of varying hues at some point in the future. During the event, Travelers can use the Flower Stand Furnishings around “Sakuya’s Flowers” to preview the arrangement effects of Dreambloom, or they can use the Flower Stand Furnishing of their choice from “Sakuya’s Special Gardening Package” to create their own flower arrangement in the Serenitea Pot.

Both of these options are available as part of “Sakuya’s Special Gardening Package.” During the course of the event, you will have the ability to put up Dreambloom requests via your “Wishlist” and ask your friends for Dreamblooms. After you have finished the series of quests, you will be able to select one Flower Stand Furnishing from each of the three Sakuya’s Special Gardening Packages that you have obtained.

How do you plant a flower in Genshin Impact?

How to Sow Seeds in Genshin Impact You will require fields in order to plant seeds in Genshin Impact. After positioning the fields within the Serenitea Pot, the next step is to wait for the harvesting season to finish. After two days and twenty-two hours, the bloom began to expand.

After that, you are free to collect them; depending on how they bloom, some flowers will arrive in bunches of two to four, while others will bloom alone. To begin the process of planting seeds, you will first need to acquire seeds. It is not possible to harvest them by just picking plants; rather, you will need an extra item in order to collect them.

To begin gathering the many kinds of seeds available in the game, you will first need to construct the Seed Dispensary. While gathering plants, you may also collect a variety of seeds to go along with them. Take, for instance, the Dandelion Seeds. One seed will be provided by each plant that you harvest. Genshin Impact How To Plant Dream Bloom

  1. You will be able to access the Seed Dispensary after reaching Reputation Level 3.
  2. Finish the quest titled “The Art of Horticulture.”
  3. Put a seed in the Serenitea Pot and place it on the field.
  4. Please be patient and wait for 2 days and 22 hours.
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The Realm Depot is where you may purchase fields and gardening fields. Gardening fields in Genshin Impact come with a variety of constraints, and there are three different sorts of fields. Some can’t grow certain kinds of seeds while others can. You are only allowed to sow certain sorts of seeds, thus it is imperative that you acquire all three varieties.

  • Mushroom
  • Sweet Flower
  • Carrot
  • Radish
  • Mint
  • Valberry
  • Jueyun Chili

A Route Leading to Value: A Luxurious Glebe Field:

  • Cecilia
  • Aster rotundifolius
  • Silk Flower
  • Glaze Lily
  • Qingxin
  • Violetgrass
  • Sakura Bloom

A Route Leading to Value: A Luxurious Glebe Field:

  • Horsetail
  • Snapdragon
  • Calla Lily
  • Lotus Head
  • Ganoderma
  • Naku Weed

You only need to collect one field and put it in the Serenitea Pot. Proceed to the Field area and begin sowing seeds and cultivating flowers there. On a single plot of land, you are permitted to sow a maximum of four seeds. Plant extra fields if you want to increase the number of flowers that you can cultivate.

How do you plant a Genshin Silkpod seed?

You can grow the following in your Serenitea Pot – Dreambloom: Silkpod is an exclusive plant that can only be grown in the Luxuriant Glebe gardening area. It takes ten minutes for the flower to fully mature into one of its many different colors before blooming.

How do you plant stuff in Genshin?

Gardening System – How To Farm –

No. Procedure
1 While equipping the gadget, Seed Dispensary, pick up a plant to get seeds or Buy Seed at Realm Depot.
2 Buy the appropriate plot for the seed in realm Depot.
3 Place the plot and plant the seed.
4 Wait for 70 hours or until the seeds to grow.
5 Harvest the plant.

How do you place seeds in a teapot Genshin?


Enlarge You may begin planting once you have received Seeds and planted Fields in the Serenitea Pot. Simply travel to the locations of the Fields. On the page that allows you to sow seeds, a list of available Field plots and the seeds that may be planted there will be displayed.

  1. Each Field contains four planting plots, however each plot may only accommodate a single Seed at a time.
  2. This translates to the fact that you are only permitted to simultaneously plant a maximum of four Seeds in any one Field.
  3. Gardening Field Guide After sowing Seeds, you will need to be patient as you watch their progress in real time.
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You can only harvest an Item after it has reached its full maturity, which is determined by the exact growing period necessary for that Seed. When you get close to a Field Plot, the amount of time that is still left will be presented. In the event that you have a change of heart or accidentally sow the wrong seed, you have the option to rip up the Field Plot and start over.

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Gardening System Guide

Gardening System Guides
How to Get Seeds How to Get Fields

A List of Guides for the Layout of Realms

How long does it take to complete hues of the Violet Garden?

Overview of the Hues of the Violet Garden Event The Hues of the Violet Garden Event began on April 7, 2022, and will continue through April 25, 2022. In it, you take part in the Irodori Festival in order to acquire prizes such as Primogems, Crowns of Insight, and Hero’s Wit, among other things.

How do I exchange Dreambloom seeds with other players?

Seeds Exchange – After finishing the tutorial, Dreams of Bloom adventurers can start exchanging seeds by following Sakuya’s guidance on the Map. During the first six days of the tournament in its entirety. You will receive incentives as well as six Dreambloom Seeds, one every day, if you bring the requested material to Sakuya.

Where can I find Dreamblooms?

The Step-by-Step Guide to Acquiring Dreamblooms Genshin Impact – In Genshin Impact, you will not be able to get Dreamblooms until after you have finished the Dreams of Bloom instructional quest. After that, pay a visit to Sakuya, who is the florist in Inazuma.

  1. If you go to the north of Inazuma City and follow the symbol of a flower, you should have no trouble locating her.
  2. Talk to Sakuya, and then choose the “About the flowers” dialogue option from the drop-down menu that appears.
  3. She will then demonstrate which Dreambloom seeds she is willing to give you in exchange for the items that she requests.

The only thing left for you to do is finish the transaction by clicking the “Confirm exchange” button in the bottom right of the screen. However, before you do that, there are a few things to keep in mind. The seeds that Sakuya provides will be distinct each and every day, and they will be chosen at total and utter random.

  1. If, on the other hand, you don’t like the seeds that Sakuya is selling you, you can always visit the world of a friend and pick up a different collection of seeds there if you don’t like the ones she’s giving you.
  2. Despite this, you will only be able to obtain one bag of seeds every day, regardless of how many planets you travel to.
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Therefore, you need carefully plan out your purchases.

How do I unlock gardening in Genshin?

The Serenitea Pot has a subsystem referred to as Gardening. Players will be able to grow and harvest commodities such as Materials and Local Specialties through the use of this system. The Seed Dispensary is available for usage in order to get seeds for planting.

What can be planted in Jade field?

The first step in learning how to cultivate plants is to acquire some land where the plants may be grown. You will need 300 units of the Realm money for each one of them, so hopefully you have plenty stashed away. They provide four plots each for a total of 12 plots, and it appears that each one cannot be purchased more than once because it is unique.

  • Unfortunately, your options for what you can grow are somewhat restricted.
  • Each only supports particular pieces of gear.
  • Carrots, Jueyun Chili, and Small Lamp Grass are just few of the plants that may be found growing in the Jade Field.
  • Radish, Carrots, Jeuyun Chili, Mushroom, Sweet Flower, Valberry, Mint, and Small Lamp Grass are the Crops That Can Be Grown in the Jade Field.

Grows Windwheel Aster, Glaze Lily, Violetgrass, Silk Flower, Qingxin, and Cecelia, in addition to a new substance originating from Inazuma. Luxuriant Glebe. The Calla Lily, Sea Ganoderma, Snapdragon, Lotus Head, and Horsetail may be found in the Orderly Meadow, along with additional item from Inazuma.

  • After the seeds have been planted, you will have to be patient and wait for them to mature over a predetermined period of time.
  • We do not yet know how long this will take, nor do we know if the required amount of time will be constant or variable.
  • It takes around two full days and 22 hours for the Silk Flower seeds to germinate.

When they have completed their growth cycle, you will be able to harvest them and put the land back into use. Did you accidentally plant something? You have the option to clean up the plot and put a stop to the growth process before it is finished. Keep in mind that the seed you planted will not come to fruition! And that is all that we are aware of at this time! Check back here following the release of Genshin Impact 2.0 on the 21st of July next week.

Where can I plant in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact garden types require the purchase of ‘croplands’ from the Realm Depot in order for you to be able to germinate seeds and cultivate plants. According to leaks that were uploaded on Baidu and translated on the KQM discord, each of these gardens has the capacity to produce four plants, and the growth process for each plant would take three days.

How can I get art of Horticulture?

Inazuma is the starting point for the World Quest titled “The Art of Horticulture.” The player must first claim the award for achieving Level 3 Reputation in Inazuma in order to become eligible for this quest. Once the reward has been claimed, the mission will be immediately added to the player’s notebook.