How Much Is The Dream Key Pass?

How Much Is The Dream Key Pass
Magic Key holders are now able to renew their passes at Disneyland, however the park has made some adjustments to the available options for its annual pass lineup. The most obvious change is an increase in prices. The most expensive Dream Key product, known as the “Dream Key,” has been discontinued and succeeded by a new product known as the “Inspire Key,” which has an annual fee of $1,600 as opposed to the Dream Key’s previous price of $1,400.

The Enchant Key is now priced at $700, which is an increase of $50 from last year’s price. The Believe Key, which was the second-highest pass, is now priced at $1,100, which is $150 more than it was last year. The Imagine Key, which was the least expensive option, is now priced at $450, which is an increase of $100 from last year’s price.

However, even if you spend $1,600, you won’t be able to enter Disneyland every single day of the year. The holidays, which begin on December 21 and end on January 1, are included in the blockout dates for the Inspire Key, while the Believe Key also prevents you from using it on Saturdays in the months of October and December, Thanksgiving weekend, February 18-19, March 18 and 25, the Easter period from April 1-9, Memorial Day weekend in May, the Fourth of July, and all Saturdays in the month of July.

  1. Blockout dates for the Enchant Key include numerous weekends throughout the year as well as the whole summer, and it does not appear like holders of an Imagine Key will be able to visit Disneyland on any weekend, ever.
  2. The most significant modification made to the two top-tier keys is the addition of discounts for Disney’s new fast pass system, Genie Plus.

This is in addition to the price increase that has been implemented. Genie Plus, which normally costs $20 per person each day, is now included free of charge with all four keys, which translates to a save of 20%. In addition, unlimited Disney PhotoPass digital photo downloads are now included with the purchase of either the Inspire or Believe key.

Is the dream key worth it?

Is It Worth It to Buy a Disney Dream Key? Dream Key holders can avoid blockout dates for $1,399, which is a premium of $450 above the cost of the Believe Key. They also receive an additional 5% discount (15% total) on meals, an additional 10% discount (20% total) on goods, and free standard parking.

Is inspire key worth it?

The previous top-tier Dream Key did not have any blockout dates, but the Inspire Key does. These blockout dates are for the ten busiest days around Christmas. However, in addition to the bigger discounts on products and shopping than the other grades, this pass also includes free parking and Photopass, but it only allows reservations for the same six parks as the Believe Key.

Is the Magic Key pass monthly payments?

On Aug 18, 2022 Tamara from CA Asked Please be aware that the experiences, policies, pricing, and other offers are subject to change at any time, and that some of these aspects may have already been updated since the original publication of this answer.

  1. How are you today, Tamara? We are very happy for another year of excitement at Disneyland Resort’s Magic Key since we just recently renewed our passes for them.
  2. Disneyland truly is the Happiest Place on Earth.
  3. If you are a resident of California and are looking to renew your Magic Key pass, you can take advantage of a monthly payment plan if you qualify.

To get the amount that you will be required to pay each month, simply divide the total cost of the pass you choose by 12. That’s correct, the annual percentage rate on your monthly payment plan is 0%! Take note that the beginning of the monthly payments for the pass renewal will occur at the time when the pass is renewed.

  • Therefore, if you are still making payments on your existing pass, there is a possibility that the monthly payments for the two passes will somewhat overlap with one another.
  • Tip from Tony: When you renew your Magic Key pass for the Disneyland Resort, you have the option of selecting any of the other pass kinds that are currently available.

Therefore, you have the option to increase or decrease your pass level, provided that the desired pass is still available, in order to choose the pass that would cater to your requirements the most effectively during the following year. The amount of theme park reservations that you are able to hold at any one time will reset for the new pass each time you renew your pass, which is a very convenient benefit.

This implies that I am able to keep up to six bookings at a time with my existing Dream Key, and I will be able to keep up to six more reservations with my new Inspire Key. And you can be sure that I will make the most of that opportunity! There is no way that I would ever give up the opportunity to cross off as many of my must-do things during the Summer as is humanly feasible.

I pray that your stay at the Disneyland Resort is filled with enchantment, Tamara. As someone who also possesses a Magic Key, I can say with absolute certainty that you will! ~Tony Answer: Useful 3 Useful Saved as Useful To access the answers you’ve saved, you will need to Sign In first.

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Will Disney sell more dream key passes?

How Much Is The Dream Key Pass The Dream Key Is COMPLETE – – The fact that the Dream Key, which is the sort of pass that the plaintiff possessed and which had “no blockout dates,” would NO LONGER BE OFFERED AS AN OPTION FOR A MAGIC KEY PASS is perhaps the most telling indication of the impact that the case has had.

  1. Disney has made it clear that, despite the fact that current owners of Dream Key passes will continue to have access to all of the perks associated with their credentials until those passes expire, new Dream Key passes will no longer be sold or renewed.
  2. ©Disney Instead, a brand-new pass type referred to as the Inspire Key will take its place as the Magic Key pass type with the highest price tag.

However, there is a significant difference between the new Dream Key and the previous one.

Can you use Dream Key parking without reservation?

This week, the Disneyland Resort started taking reservations for its brand-new Magic Key Pass program. Magic Key is the much-anticipated replacement for the annual passport program, which the company ended in January 2021. It is no secret that thousands of Legacy Passholders are eagerly waiting for the opportunity to once more rejoin the regular visitor ranks, and it is also no secret that Magic Key is the much-anticipated replacement for the annual passport program.

  1. You may read the comments that possible passholders have left on the Disney Parks Blog in preparation for the on-sale date of the passes, which was released by Disney as a compilation of replies to queries that the company has been hearing from potential passholders.
  2. However, MousePlanet readers approached us with a few of extra queries and requests for clarification, so we went directly to the source to ask them.

I recently purchased a park hopper ticket good for four days and would like to upgrade to a Dream Key. If I make a monthly payment, will I still be able to take advantage of the payment plan? According to the Disney Parks Blog, “most theme park tickets are upgradeable to a Magic Key pass.” [Citation needed] On the other hand, the Terms and Conditions of the Magic Key indicate that “the difference in pricing must be paid in full at the time of the upgrade,” and the Magic Key cannot be upgraded until this condition is met.

  • Good news for those of you who live in California! According to Disney, a California resident who is qualified and is upgrading from an eligible ticket to a Magic Key pass has the option of choosing the monthly payment option to pay for the difference in price between the two passes.
  • However, if you choose to upgrade from one Key level to another, you will be required to pay the value of the upgrade in its entirety; this cost cannot be broken down into a series of monthly payments.

To make advantage of the parking benefit that comes with my Dream or Believe pass, do I need to first make a reservation at the theme park? Readers who submitted this query to cast members using the chat feature of the Disneyland app and shared us screen photos of the resulting inconsistent replies prompted us to write this article in an effort to clarify the situation.

  • A: No, a reservation for a theme park is not required in order for you to take advantage of the free standard parking that comes with the Dream Key or the reduced parking that comes with the Believe Key.
  • Nevertheless, there are blackout days associated with the Believe Key.
  • If I use the parking advantage that comes with my Key, would it activate even if I don’t go into any of the theme parks? A: The 365-day countdown will begin after your key has been activated by making use of the free parking advantage that comes with the Dream Key.

The activation of the Believe Key cannot be accomplished through the use of its cheap parking advantage. If you are a member of the Disney Vacation Club, are you eligible for a discount? If that is the case, how can I acquire it? A: Members of Disney Vacation Club are eligible for a discount of $20 off the purchase of a brand-new Dream, Believe, or Enchant Key.

The Imagine Key is exempt from receiving the discount that is offered to DVC members. Due to the fact that Disney has not made this process as simple as possible, some DVC members may decide that it is simpler to forego the discount and purchase the Key online. Members of Disney Vacation Club are only eligible for their discount if they make their purchase of a new Magic Key in-person at one of the Disneyland Resort ticket booths.

One of the extremely limited number of transactions involving Magic Keys that will take place at the ticket booths is this one. Getting to a ticket booth will most likely require you to pay the $25 price to park at the Mickey and Friends structure or the $24 fee to park in the Downtown Disney parking lot for two hours; however, Disney will no longer reimburse you for your parking money as they previously did.

  1. If you are purchasing new Magic Keys for your entire family or if you are a hotel guest who has already paid to park, it may make sense to purchase your new Key in person to receive a discount of $20 per pass.
  2. Alternatively, if you are purchasing new Magic Keys for a group of people other than yourself, purchasing your new Key online may be more cost effective.
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If you are just interested in purchasing one pass, however, you will actually spend more time and money attempting to take advantage of this “discount” than you would if you simply purchased the new Key online. Magic Keys are now available for purchase, and in order to make the majority of your acquisitions and upgrades, you will need to use either the Disneyland mobile app or the website.

  • The ticket booths located at the primary entrance will only offer Magic Keys in a limited number of circumstances, including the DVC discount that was mentioned before.
  • In the event that you feel you are in a special circumstance, it is essential to get in touch with Disney immediately before driving to the resort in order to prevent being denied entry.

You are able to make a reservation for the same day, and you may go to the park on the same day that you buy your Magic Key (subject to capacity and blockout dates). There are no advantages to purchasing a Magic Key early, and you have a full 66 days to make the purchase in order to qualify for the special founding member welcome package.

Do Magic Key passes sell out?

How Much Is The Dream Key Pass How Much Is The Dream Key Pass How Much Is The Dream Key Pass How Much Is The Dream Key Pass How Much Is The Dream Key Pass How Much Is The Dream Key Pass UPDATE: Renewing your Magic Key Pass for Disneyland has become accessible since the last time we checked. You may get more information about the costs for the upgraded Magic Key passes by clicking on this link. Since quite some time ago, the fate of Disneyland’s annual pass program has been up in the air.

  • The Disneyland resort’s Sleeping Beauty Castle The new Magic Key Passes, which were announced in 2021 as a replacement for Disneyland’s Annual Passholder program, immediately sold out of certain tiers once they were made available to the public.
  • Following that, Disney made the announcement that future sales of Magic Key Passes would be halted, but they did not provide any indication as to when they may start selling them.

There is now a moratorium on the sale of new Magic Key Passes; but, if you have previously purchased a pass and would like to renew it, you are probably asking how you are meant to go about doing so. Let’s take a look at the information that we currently have on Magic Key Passes.

  1. The first day that Disney began selling Magic Key Passes was August 25, 2021.
  2. Guests had the option of purchasing one of four different tiers of passes: the Dream, Believe, Enchant, or Imagine Key.
  3. ©Disney The Believe Key was the least priced of the two options, but it was the first to run out of stock, followed by the Dream Key.

Soon enough, in May 2022, Disney also ceased selling new Enchant and Imagine Keys, which meant that no Magic Key Passes were being offered at all. This was the beginning of the end for the Magic Key Pass. Disneyland’s Magic Key Popcorn Bucket may be found there.

  • Disney did not reveal the reason for their decision to prohibit new pass purchases; nevertheless, the decision was made in May, which was not long after a lawsuit for $5 million was filed particularly related to Magic Key Passes and the park pass reservation system.
  • In the lawsuit, a passholder with the Dream Key Pass alleged that Disney artificially limited the capacity of the parks and prevented “passholders with ‘no blockout’ yearly tickets from making reservations.” Dream Key cards do not have any blackout periods, however in order to attend the theme parks, all ticket holders, including Dream Key passholders, are still needed to make Park Pass reservations.
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In essence, the Plaintiff has asserted that Magic Key reservations were frequently not available on the weekends, although customers with daily entry tickets were advertised more availability on dates when Magic Key reservations were “sold out.” Photo opportunity with a Magic Key for Halloween After Disney’s response to the complaint, we found out that the court had ruled against Disney’s move to have the claim thrown out.

The judge did rule in favor of advancing two of the claims, one of which was for breach of contract, and the other was for violation of the California Consumer Protection Act. This decision was taken back in May, only a few days before the sales of Magic Key Passes were temporarily halted. The Disneyland Resort in California Now, existing owners of Magic Keys are left wondering what they are expected to do in order to renew their passes, which are only good for one year starting from the day they were activated.

During the month of May, a spokesman for Disneyland named Jaime Clower revealed to the Los Angeles Times that the corporation “plans to allow existing pass holders renew their tickets this summer,” but no other information has been made public as of yet.

  • The Saga of the Pirates from the Caribbean Even though the official end of summer in the United States does not occur until late September, Disney is running out of time to inform visitors on what they should do with their existing Magic Key Passes.
  • Not only that, but because passes were on sale for the first time on August 25th, 2021, the time limit is much more condensed for anyone who purchased their passes earlier.

Disneyland’s new Galaxy’s Edge theme park There is a mention of renewal on the Magic Key website, and the text that appears there now reads as follows: “Pass types are limited in quantity, and passes may no longer be available for purchase and/or renewal at any moment.” On the other hand, another section of the website states that “All Pass kinds are accessible for renewal unless clearly specified otherwise.” As of this moment, nothing has been specifically declared in either direction.

  • The Land of Cars The concept of allowing renewals for a set length of time after the specified expiration date is a feature of Disney World’s Annual Pass program.
  • Could Disneyland implement this feature? What happens next is still up in the air.
  • During the earnings call (or report) for the third quarter of the fiscal year 2022 that was held on August 10th, 2022, there was no mention made of Magic Key renewals.

However, Disney did make a note of a “unfavorable attendance mix” at Disneyland that harmed park revenues. Disney may make an announcement on the status of the game during the D23 Expo that will take place later on in this year, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. How Much Is The Dream Key Pass How Much Is The Dream Key Pass

Is the Magic Key worth it?

How Much Is The Dream Key Pass Magic Key Passes: A Rundown of the Imagine Key Pass The Magic Key Pass is exclusively available to those who live in Southern California. The Enchant Key and the Imagine Key are presently the only two Magic Key Passes that can be purchased. The passes on the lower and middle tiers respectively.

Only Southern California residents who can provide evidence of residency are eligible to purchase Imagine Keys. If you live in Southern California, Disney does, in fact, offer payment plans for both The Enchant Pass and the Imagine Key Pass. After making an initial payment of $179.00, the remaining balance of the pass may be paid off over the course of 12 monthly installments at 0% interest.

The following is a list of the costs for each available choice for the Current Magic Key: Enchant Key is available for purchase for $649; parking is not included. Parking is not included in the price of $399.00 a month with Imagine Key. How Much Is The Dream Key Pass How Much Is The Dream Key Pass Mickey’s Magical Mix-Ups, Featuring Fireworks and Projections, Are Held at It’s a Very, Very Small World If you were to ask me if I believed that purchasing a Magic Key was worth the money, without fail, I would respond in the affirmative. My opinion is that the Magic that Disneyland has to provide cannot be measured in monetary terms.

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