How Old Is Aimsey Dream Smp?

How Old Is Aimsey Dream Smp
Dream SMP

Always trust a man in a suit.

Aimee, who was born on December 11, 2001, is a Welsh YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and TikToker who goes by the name Aimsey (stylized as aimsey, also known as aimseytv, and formerly toadallyaimee). Aimsey is well known for their Minecraft broadcasts and collaborations.

Is Aimsey in the Dream SMP?

Warning: the page you are about to read has information that might be considered a spoiler for the story of the Dream SMP. Warning: the banter and fights that you witness in feeds and movies are completely fabricated and should not be taken seriously at any point.

  • It is extremely disrespectful to convey hate towards anyone, therefore if you feel the want to do so at any moment, please abstain from doing so.
  • A note from the editor: any pronouns can be used in this streamer.
  • However, in the sake of readability, we shall stick to using they/them throughout this article.

Would you kindly refrain from changing the pronouns? This page focuses on the character that can be found on the Dream SMP. See aimsey for more information about the actor that portrays this role. The Dream SMP now has a total of forty members thanks to the addition of Aimsey.

What are Aimseys pronouns?

I identify as a lesbian, and you can call me by any pronoun!

Who is the oldest Dream SMP character?

Philza is literally the oldest person in the dream smp in the cannon and real life | Fandom.

What is Ranboo’s Ghost name?

Warning: the page that follows includes information that will reveal key aspects of the storyline for the Dream SMP. Warning: the banter and fights that you witness in feeds and movies are completely fabricated and should not be taken seriously at any point.

It is extremely disrespectful to convey hate towards anyone, therefore if you feel the want to do so at any moment, please abstain from doing so. This article provides information on the ghost version of Ranboo. See Ranboo/SMP for information on its live counterpart. See Ranboo for more information about the actor that portrays this role.

The ghost version of Ranboo is known as Boo. After Ranboo had been killed in the jail break on November 28, 2021, he made his first appearance the following day. It would appear that he possesses all of Ranboo’s memories; nonetheless, he thinks differently, has different ideas, and behaves in a different way.

Why did Itsalyssa leave the Dream SMP?

Trivia – Currently, Alyssa is the proud owner of two cats who go by the names Luna and Jasper. She had an additional cat that went by the name Ollie, but he passed away in October of the year 2020. The rumor that she is romantically involved with Callahan is a running gag on the SMP.

Who is Jikishii?

Warning! There is a possibility that this article, Jikishi, will have content that is upsetting, such as talks of pedophilia. Jikishi, whose real name is Demetrius and who was born on May 28, 1999, is a former TikToker, Twitch broadcaster, and YouTuber from the United States.

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Is Aimsey a boy or girl?

After ItsAlyssa, Nihachu, CaptainPuffy, Hannahxxrose, and TinaKitten, they are the sixth female member of the Dream SMP. ItsAlyssa has since left the group.

Is Billzo a boy or girl?

Bill’s personal existence began on August 15, 2004, in the country of England, where he was born. He is openly bisexual. Billzo uses the pronouns he and him, although he has indicated that he is fine with the usage of the pronouns she and her, as well as they and them.

Is Aimsey single?

To set the record straight once again, Ranboo and Aimsey are not dating. Even though some of their fans speculated that they are an item in real life, Ranboo and Aimsey are not dating. The relationship between them is described as “quite tight,” which Aimsey demonstrated by posting a series of images on Twitter with the phrase “FRIENDSHIP.” Those who have been following Aimsey for a significant amount of time are aware that she is presently dating another streamer named Serena.

  • During this time, Ranboo and Aimsey have worked together on a number of Twitch streams and YouTube videos, to which they have invited other prominent figures from the world of social media.
  • Several people, including Ranboo, Aimsey, Serena, and others, have recently been seen in London spending time together and publishing several postings on their own channels about their adventures there.

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Is crumb a boy or girl?

Who is Crumb? Crumb is a social media influencer and streamer who typically broadcasts herself playing video games in real time on her channel. She demonstrates her prowess as a gamer in Among Us and Minecraft, among other titles. The fact that she is a faceless girl who hides her identity is, however, what separates her from the rest of the group of people who are responsible for creating the content.

  1. Because Crumb frequently conceals her identity during her Twitch broadcasts by wearing a square box with a doodled image of a cat on it, none of her listeners have any clue what she actually looks like.
  2. One could assume that her Instagram profile, could provide her viewers some hint as to what she looks like.

But Crumb has been quite astute in concealing her name from the more than 30,000 people who follow her on Instagram. On her Instagram feed, you will only discover a handful of photographs depicting her, and each one of them shows her posing in front of the kooky cat doodled face box.

How old is Ranboo canonically?

A Few Quick Points Regarding Ranboo

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Real Name: Johnathan Schlatt (from Several sources)
Date of Birth: 2003-11-02
Age: Ranboo is 18 years old
Height: 6’6″ (1.98m)
Weight: Unknown

What is the most popular Dream SMP ship?


# of works portmanteau people
9532 Bee Duo Tubbo & Ranboo
7140 Allium Duo Ranboo & TommyInnit
7096 Emerald Duo Technoblade & Ph1LzA
6556 Bench Trio Ranboo & Tubbo & TommyInnit

How did Ranboo lose his first canon life?

During one of Tommy and Techno’s broadcasts, Ranboo is killed by Tommy’s llama Clarencio, costing him a canon life. The fact that ranboo’s bodyparts were dropped after he died validates that it is canon. It was also corroborated by ranboo in a later stream, which further supports the evidence provided by techno Tommy and, to the best of my knowledge, Tubbo, who were discussing ranboo losing a canon life to a llama at the time.

Is Ranboo married to Tubbo?

Ranboo and Aimsey, who both broadcast on Twitch, are obviously friendly with one another. However, it is unknown whether or not Ranboo and Aimsey are romantically involved. Aimsey had a career as a child actor before she became famous on platforms like Twitch and TikTok.

  1. She had roles in shows like Casualty before she became involved in the online streaming scene.
  2. Ranboo, on the other hand, is 18 years old and was born in San Francisco.
  3. Both have amassed online followings, in part due to the popularity of their streams on Twitch.
  4. Article continues below advertisement Contrary to what many of Aimsey and Ranboo’s fans assume, the two do not truly have a romantic relationship despite the fact that they spend a significant amount of time together.

Recent events have demonstrated that Aimsey and Ranboo are indeed good friends. This was demonstrated when Aimsey uploaded a series of images with Ranboo on Twitter along with the comment “FRIENDSHIP.” Both Aimsey and Ranboo are merely pals that work together on videos, while Aimsey is presently dating another streamer named Serena, and Ranboo is just a buddy of Aimsey’s.

  1. Even if there was no truth to the rumors that Ranboo is dating Aimsey, she is not the only person that he has been connected with ever since he became a renowned streamer.
  2. Some people began to theorize that Ranboo was dating or somehow romantically linked with Tubbo, whose true name is Tobby Smith, during the summer of the previous year.

The two really share a home and carry out a significant portion of their respective streaming endeavors together. Article continues below advertisement They also assert that they are married legally, but not because they have romantic feelings for one another.

  • Instead, in order to reduce the amount of money they had to pay in taxes, they got married.
  • All of this may appear to be a stretch of the imagination, and some people have hypothesized that Ranboo and Tubbo are more romantically involved than they pretend to be and that they are only trying to conceal their connection from their audience.
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How tall is dream canonically?

Dream: 6’3. George: 5’9.

How did Aimsey join Dream SMP?

Because of the many broadcasters who are behind it, the characters who are frequently played on it, and the material that is centered on a narrative that is created through it, The Dream SMP is one of the most popular and one of the largest Minecraft servers that can be found.

  • Access to the Dream SMP can only be gained by direct invitation from Dream himself.
  • As of today, Aimsey and Seapeekay have been added to the list of players competing in the Dream SMP.
  • Aimsey and Seapeekay are two members of the esports organization Misfits Gaming who also stream on Twitch and upload videos to YouTube.

Both on Twitch and on their own YouTube channels, they have produced a significant amount of Minecraft-related video between the two of them. Both Seapeekay and Aimsey have only just competed in their first Minecraft Championship (MCC) event, which took place in October 2021 and was called MCC Rising.

  1. Seapeekay competes as a competitor in the vast majority of Minecraft Championship (MCC) events.
  2. Through a tweet that highlighted their invitation to the Dream SMP Discord server, Aimsey informed their followers of their acceptance into the Dream SMP and shared the news with them.
  3. While Seapeekay was broadcasting on Twitch, he was presented with the opportunity to join the Dream SMP.

He did not make a live announcement of it when it occurred, but in the final few seconds of his program, he hastily logged into the server and then ended his broadcast on this suspenseful note. A short time later, he made the announcement public by tweeting many times about it on Twitter.

  • While I was broadcasting live, Dream actually said, “Check discord.” When I got the message, I almost fainted out and then I responded, “Oh yes, Dream, I believe I will do that.” This ensured that no one else knew what it was.
  • After signing in, I terminated my stream, laughing out loud.16 March 2022 — Seapeekay (@Seapeekay) on Twitter The two are likely to begin contributing to the development of interesting new material for the server very soon.

While Aimsey has not yet disclosed when their first stream on the Dream SMP will take place, Seapeekay has disclosed that his will be broadcasted live on his Twitch channel on March 17 at 8:00 a.m. Central Time.

Who is the newest member to the Dream SMP?

Members of the SMP as of right now

Creator Character Notes
Seapeekay Seapeekay Currently the newest member on the SMP. Joined alongside Aimsey.
Aimsey Aimsey Currently the newest member on the SMP. Joined alongside Seapeekay.