How To Get Dream Bloom Seeds?

How To Get Dream Bloom Seeds
Obtainable during the Dreams of Bloom event, the Dreambloom: Pearbell Seed may be obtained by trading things with Sakuya on a daily basis. No matter whatever globe you travel to during the day, you will only be able to get a maximum of one Dreambloom: Pearbell Seed. A Guide to the Events in Dreams of Bloom

How do you plant a Silkpod seed?

You can grow the following in your Serenitea Pot – Dreambloom: Silkpod is an exclusive plant that can only be grown in the Luxuriant Glebe gardening area. It takes ten minutes for the flower to fully mature into one of its many different colors before blooming.

Where can I buy Dreambloom?

In conclusion – The event known as “Dreams of Bloom” goes on for a total of 10 days. You have the opportunity to trade in Sakuya’s Flowers for Dreambloom seeds throughout the first six days of the event. After that, you may use the Serenitea Pot to sow Dreambloom seeds in the Path of Value: Luxuriant Glebe area of the game.

  1. These seeds, given enough time, will sprout into Dreamblooms of varying hues at some point in the future.
  2. During the event, Travelers can use the Flower Stand Furnishings around “Sakuya’s Flowers” to preview the arrangement effects of Dreambloom, or they can use the Flower Stand Furnishing of their choice from “Sakuya’s Special Gardening Package” to create their own flower arrangement in the Serenitea Pot.

Both of these options are available as part of “Sakuya’s Special Gardening Package.” During the course of the event, you will have the ability to put up Dreambloom requests via your “Wishlist” and ask your friends for Dreamblooms. After you have finished the series of quests, you will be able to select one Flower Stand Furnishing from each of the three Sakuya’s Special Gardening Packages that you have obtained.

How do you plant a dream seed?

After the gardening plot has been set up, players of Genshin Impact should approach it and pick ‘plant in the Luxuriant Glebe’ from the menu. After taking this step, fans will be sent to a new menu where they can choose up to four Dreambloom seeds. Once they have made their selections, they should click the “Plant” button to plant the seeds in the earth.

How do you grow Dreamblooms?

Event Guide for the Dreams of Bloom World Tour –

Walkthrough Chart
1 Talk to Sakuya
2 Obtain the seeds.
3 Plant the seeds on your Serenitea Pot.
4 Harvest the seeds and trade with your friends or keep the flower.
5 Decorate the flower stands beside Sakuya.

How do you get seeds in Genshin?

How to Obtain Seeds Once you have the Seed Dispensary Gadget, you will have a chance to obtain seeds everytime you harvest a plant as long as you have it equipped. The seeds will be suitable for the species of plant that you have just collected. After you have collected all of the seeds for a certain type, you may go to the Creatures of the Realm area of the Realm Depot to buy more of that seed type.

How do I plant seeds in Genshin?

How to Sow Seeds in Genshin Impact You will require fields in order to plant seeds in Genshin Impact. After positioning the fields within the Serenitea Pot, the next step is to wait for the harvesting season to finish. After two days and twenty-two hours, the bloom began to expand.

After that, you are free to collect them; depending on how they bloom, some flowers will arrive in bunches of two to four, while others will bloom alone. To begin the process of planting seeds, you will first need to acquire seeds. It is not possible to harvest them by just picking plants; rather, you will need an extra item in order to collect them.

To begin gathering the many kinds of seeds available in the game, you will first need to construct the Seed Dispensary. While gathering plants, you may also collect a variety of seeds to go along with them. Take, for instance, the Dandelion Seeds. One seed will be provided by each plant that you harvest. How To Get Dream Bloom Seeds

  1. You will be able to access the Seed Dispensary after reaching Reputation Level 3.
  2. Finish the quest titled “The Art of Horticulture.”
  3. Put a seed in the Serenitea Pot and place it on the field.
  4. Please be patient and wait for 2 days and 22 hours.
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The Realm Depot is where you may purchase fields and gardening fields. Gardening fields in Genshin Impact come with a variety of constraints, and there are three different sorts of fields. Some can’t grow certain kinds of seeds while others can. You are only allowed to sow certain sorts of seeds, thus it is imperative that you acquire all three varieties.

  • Mushroom
  • Sweet Flower
  • Carrot
  • Radish
  • Mint
  • Valberry
  • Chili Jueyun Jueyun

A Route Leading to Value: A Luxurious Glebe Field:

  • Cecilia
  • Windwheel Aster
  • Silk Flower
  • Glaze Lily
  • Qingxin
  • Violetgrass
  • Sakura Bloom

A Route Leading to Value: A Luxurious Glebe Field:

  • Horsetail
  • Snapdragon
  • Calla Lily
  • Lotus Head
  • Ganoderma
  • Naku Weed

You only need to collect one field and put it in the Serenitea Pot. Proceed to the Field area and begin sowing seeds and cultivating flowers there. On a single plot of land, you are permitted to sow a maximum of four seeds. Plant extra fields if you want to increase the number of flowers that you can cultivate.

Where do Dreambloom seeds grow?

The Dreams of Bloom Event, which can be found in Genshin Impact 2.2, has Dreambloom Seeds as a reward. Find out how to plant Dreambloom Seeds, which field to put them in, how long it takes for the seeds to mature, a list of all Dreambloom Seeds and the Flowers that they produce, and more more information!

Dreams of Bloom Event Guide
Hibiscus Seed & Flowers Pearbell Seed & Flowers Silkpod Seed & Flowers Friend Board for Trading


How to Plant Dreambloom Seeds 1 Exchange materials for Dreambloom seeds with the Inazuman florist, Sakuya. 2 Go to the Serenitea Pot, set the Luxuriant Glebe field, and plant the Dreamblooms. 3 Wait for 10 minutes for the Dreambloom seeds to grow. 4 Harvest the Dreambloom flowers and arrange them in a flower stand!

The Luxuriant Glebe Field needs to be placed inside of your Serenitea Pot before you can plant the Dreambloom seeds inside of it! Gardening System Guide One seed has the potential to develop into any one of three different kinds of flowers! If you planted a Silkpod Seed, for instance, it has the potential to develop into either a Noontide Silkpod, a Twilight Silkpod, or a Dawnrouge Silkpod.

Seeds Dreambloom Flower Types
Star Hibiscus Seed Spring Dew Star Hibiscus Autumn Star Hibiscus Violet Silk Star Hibiscus
Pearbell Seed Fluorescent Pearbell Sandbank Lotus Pearbell Greenhat Pearbell
Silkpod Seed Noontide Silkpod Twilight Silkpod Dawnrouge Silkpod
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The only way to get your hands on any Dreambloom seeds is to participate in the Dreams of Bloom event! Participate in this event to collect all of the Dreambloom seeds, then put them on display on flower stands. A Guide to the Events in Dreams of Bloom You can ask your friends to buy you the flowers on your wishlist if you find yourself in a position where you do not have enough of them.

Genshin Co-Op Boards
Friend Request Board Co-Op Board

A Guide to the Events in Dreams of Bloom

Seeds Dreambloom Flower Types
Dreambloom: Star Hibiscus Seed Spring Dew Star Hibiscus Autumn Star Hibiscus Violet Silkstar Hibiscus
Dreambloom: Pearbell Seed Fluorescent Pearbell Sandbank Lotus Pearbell Greenhat Pearbell
Dreambloom: Silkpod Seed Noontide Silkpod Twilight Silkpod Dawnrouge Silkpod
Rewards Gardening Package Furnishings
Sakuya’s Special Gardening Package Flower Stand – Fleeting Life Flower Stand – Of Yore Flower Stand – Windsong
Other Guides How to Plant Dreambloom Seeds


Genshin Co-Op Boards Friend Request Board Co-Op Board

Events pertaining to the Genshin Impact Guide & Walkthrough Wiki. Dreams of Bloom: A Guide to Growing Dreamblooms and Planting Dreambloom Seeds [Dreams of Bloom]

What is Dreambloom?

Dreamblooms are unique flowers that can only be cultivated in Luxuriant Glebe fields. These are the same fields that are used to cultivate other types of flowers, such as Glaze Lilies and Violetgrass, which may be grown in the Serenity Pot. It is necessary for players to provide specific items to an Inazuman Florist named Sakuya in order to get seeds of the Dreambloom flower.

How do I get more seeds from Sakuya?

A guide to Genshin Impact’s newest event, Dreams of Bloom, including information on how to sow seeds and grow flower plants – The first step for players is to collect some seeds (Image via Genshin Impact) Talking to Sakuya in Inazuma City, which is part of the Genshin Impact game, can allow players to obtain many seeds, with the catch being that this must be done on a daily basis. How To Get Dream Bloom Seeds

How do I get to Seed Dispensary Genshin?

How To Get Dream Bloom Seeds How To Get Dream Bloom Seeds Using the Seed Dispensary gadget in Genshin Impact, including how to equip and utilize it – Put on the tool Seed Dispensary, which can be found in the Inventory (Image via Genshin Impact) After achieving Reputation Level 3 in Inazuma, the one and only way to get the Seed Dispensary accessory in Genshin Impact is to do so.

The World Quest known as “The Art of Horticulture” won’t become available until that point. After the player has finished the quest and been given the gadget, they will be able to equip it by navigating to the Inventory menu and selecting the Gadget option there. Utilizing the tool, gather the blossoms and the seeds (Image via Genshin Impact) When players are out in the open world harvesting plants, they can now also collect seeds.

Nevertheless, the device is only capable of collecting seeds from the following types of plants: Silk Flower Sweet Flower CeciliaGlaze Lily Aster Qingxin Turns Like a Wheel Violetgrass Valberry Small Lamp Grass Chili Jueyun Jueyun CarrotRadish Mint Mushroom Naku Weed HorsetailSnapdragon Head of the LotusCalla Lily Seagrass Sea Ganoderma How To Get Dream Bloom Seeds How To Get Dream Bloom Seeds Obtain Qingxin and Qingxin Seed without any effort on your part (Image via Genshin Impact) Players should approach any of the plants that are listed above and collect them in the usual manner in order to utilize the accessory. The seed of the aforementioned plant will be procured by the Seed Dispensary on its own accord.

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There can be no more than 20 seeds produced by a single plant (Image via Genshin Impact) It is important to keep in mind that the Seed Dispensary device can only store a maximum of 20 seeds of each plant at any given moment. Players will see the following notification if they try to collect more than the allowed amount of plant seed: “Plant Seed exceeds amount limit.” Even though the plant will still be harvested, there will be no seeds left behind.

The stock available at the Seed Dispensary (Image via Genshin Impact) On the PC, players may see how many seeds they will have for each conceivable plant by hitting the “Z” button. When utilizing the Seed Dispensary appliance, a few things to keep in mind include the fact that plants collected from the Serenitea Pot will not produce any seeds.

Radishes and carrots that are dropped by Investigation points or destructible things will not, in addition, produce any seeds for the player to use. Serenitea Pot is where the seeds are planted (Image via Genshin Impact) The seeds can be planted in the Serenitea Pot by the player on a field area that is appropriate for them.

A Path of Value: Jade Field, A Path of Value: Luxuriant Glebe, and A Path of Value: Orderly Meadow are the three varieties of fields available. Only four seeds can be planted in one time in each agricultural plot. It takes seeds exactly two full days and 22 hours to mature into plants.

  • In the event that the fields are removed before the plants have reached their full maturity, the seeds will not be returned.
  • One seed requires around three days to develop into a fully grown plant.
  • Utilizing the gardening system in Genshin Impact not only helps players to acquire regional delicacies more rapidly, but it also provides them with free ingredients for cooking.

This is despite the fact that the process is time consuming. Developed and Revised by Danyal Arabi Many thanks! GIF Cancel Reply How To Get Dream Bloom Seeds How To Get Dream Bloom Seeds

How do you plant seeds in Minecraft?

The majority of Minecraft’s seeds are planted using the same method: first, grass must be turned into farmland with a hoe, then the land must be irrigated with water, and last, it must be exposed to some form of light. Finally, the seed must be planted using the right mouse button.

What does the Seed Dispensary do Genshin?

Detail A one-of-a-kind container that may be acquired from Madame Ping. This medical marijuana shop, in her opinion, has the ability to “produce seeds”. That is to say, it has the ability to develop the seeds of various plants according to the unique characteristics of those plants, and those seeds may then be planted inside the proper fields that are included within your Serenitea Pot.

How do you get a flower stand in Genshin?

Flower Stand: Windsong is a Furnishing item that can be used in the Serenitea Pot. The furnishing is obtainable from Sakuya’s Special Gardening Package during the Dreams of Bloom event.