How To Land Your Dream Job?

How To Land Your Dream Job
You should now have a clear concept of the job of your dreams and be able to begin your search.

  1. Build a career-specific résumé.
  2. Draft a cover letter that is specific to the company that you will be submitting your application to.
  3. Create a presence for yourself online using your whole name.
  4. Concentrate your job search efforts on fields of work that actually pique your interest.
  5. Engage in activities and make connections.

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Should I tell interviewer its my dream job?

How To Land Your Dream Job Even if the job you’re interviewing for isn’t your ideal position, the hiring manager is still going to be interested in learning how the position fits in with your long-term professional objectives. A recent episode of “The Job Interview,” a show on CNBC in which applicants are interviewed for real positions while being videotaped, included two co-owners of the firm asking applicants about their ideal occupations in an effort to determine how well the applicants will fit into their organization.

  • The co-owners of Watershed Hospitality, Justin Herrick and Adam Lowenstein, are searching for a catering and events sales manager to join their team.
  • Their firm maintains a variety of restaurants and pubs in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where they provide services to the tens of thousands of students that attend the University of Michigan.

Herrick and Lowenstein are eager in hearing about each candidate’s long-term ambitions in addition to their quest for a candidate with excellent communication skills, previous experience working in a restaurant, and previous experience working in sales.

The co-owners were taken aback when an applicant’s response to the inquiry about their dream career was something that had absolutely nothing to do with the opportunity that was being offered. One person looking for work shared their story, saying, “From the age of maybe 5 years old, I saw ‘Jerry Maguire,’ and I wanted to be a sports agent.” The candidate smiled and said, “Show me the money” in response after Lowenstein made it apparent that the post he is applying for is unconnected to sports.

He continued to expound on his goal of being a sports agent and businessman by saying, “I want to be able to.” “Working for myself and having the freedom to pursue my own interests is by far my favorite way to spend my time, and I would not trade that experience for anything in the world.

  1. At the age of 24, all I want is to establish some kind of routine.” In spite of the fact that providing an honest response assists the interviewer in narrowing down their search for the ideal candidate, it may have a negative influence on you as the applicant who is eager to secure the job.
  2. Even if you are applying for a position that is less than ideal, you should never disclose this information to the person in charge of selecting new employees, according to Suzy Welch, author of the best-selling book on management and contributor to CNBC.
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“You need to claim the job you’re interviewing for is your ideal job, even if it probably isn’t,” she adds. “A lot of times the job you’re applying for isn’t your dream job.” Welch adds that businesses are interested in hiring individuals who truly want to work for them, therefore it is crucial that you expand on elements of the job that you enjoy in order to avoid being eliminated from the running.

Employers are interested in hiring people who really want to work for them. In the end, the candidate who wanted to work in sports agency was not chosen to move on to the next round of the interview process. This is because Lowenstein and Herrick were searching for a candidate who was more enthusiastic about the role they were hiring for.

The successful candidate for the position made a strong impression on the hiring managers by elaborating on his desire to work for smaller companies because of the opportunities for advancement and increased influence. Animated short by Jon Fazio Do you like the story? Follow CNBC Make It on Twitter @CNBCMakeIt.

Who can help me land a job?

If you want to boost your chances of getting a decent job, working with recruiters and headhunters who are well-connected in your field or who can act as your personal champion can help. On the other hand, these sorts of job search experts will work for you, the individual candidate, without charging you any fees.