What Does It Mean When I Dream About Someone Sexually?

What Does It Mean When I Dream About Someone Sexually
Dreaming about having sexual encounters is quite natural. In most cases, the content of these dreams is the result of your subconscious processing the events of the last few days. If the dreams are unsettling to you and they appear to be occurring more frequently, you may want to consult with a mental health expert so that they can assist you in making sense of what is going on.

How common are PTSD dreams caused by sexual assault?

Science of Dreams: Why do we have Sex Dreams?

However, given that one in every six women has been the survivor of a completed or attempted sexual attack, and that nightmares resulting from a sexual assault are a prevalent symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), we questioned mental health professionals about them. According to Breus, PTSD is a totally unique and distinct condition in its own right.