What Happened With Dream And Tommy?

What Happened With Dream And Tommy
After finishing the Big Innit Hotel, Tommy went to see Dream for what he thought would be the final time, telling her that he wanted to “close the book” and go on with his life. This is the beginning of the episode “Trapped with Dream.” Even more of his statements, which he made as he moved around the prison, gave the impression that he is affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of the trauma caused by Dream and all of the wars.

  • However, while he was in Dream’s house, TNT was detonated in an undisclosed part of the jail, which led to a security breach.
  • Because of these security flaws, Tommy was unable to escape from his situation with Dream, which resulted in him experiencing something that was strikingly similar to a panic attack.

This incident strongly suggests that Tommy has claustrophobia, which is the dread of being confined in spaces that are too small. Alternately, due to the fact that he did not react in such a manner during his previous visit, it could be that Tommy is panicking over the realization that he may be trapped with Dream for up to a week, which Dream makes sure to remind him is comparable to his exile.

This could be the case because Tommy did not react in such a manner during his previous visit. After being held captive for a week, Tommy began making fun of Dream and lied to him about seeing Jschlatt’s tomb. He also began telling Dream that he had seen it. After that, Dream instructed him to go speak with Jschlatt in person, and then Dream killed Tommy, robbing him of his final canon life by punching Tommy to death.

After Dream was able to bring Tommy back to life, it appeared that Tommy became triggered if Dream punched or even squeezed Tommy, causing Tommy to scream in anguish because of what Dream had done to steal Tommy’s final canon life. Because of this, Tommy is aware that Dream possesses power, and as a result, he was more terrified than ever when Dream asked him to return to the afterlife so that he might learn more about the cycle of life and death.

What happened to Tubbo and Tommy?

Trivia – Tubbo is 4 months older than Tommy, making him the older of the two. The 23rd of December in 2003 was Tubbo’s birthday. The 9th of April, 2004 was Tommy’s birthday. Within the Dream SMP roleplay, Tubbo and Tommy were the first two main characters to each lose one of their canonical lives.

Why was TommyInnit added to the Dream SMP?

Prior to his involvement with SMP Earth, Tommy was a big admirer of the band SootHouse. When Wilbur Soot, a fellow British YouTuber and streamer who edited for SootHouse, revealed that he was going to launch ” SMP Earth “, Tommy was excited to participate.

After collaborating on videos with well-known YouTube creators like TimeDeo and achieving “YouTube Rank” on Hypixel, Tommy sent Wilbur a direct message on Twitter. In response, Wilbur stated that Tommy would be included to the SMP if he were to successfully attract a larger audience while streaming. Tommy broadcast on YouTube instead of Twitch, knowing that he would get a larger audience on the former platform.

Dream SMP Finale Stream

As a result, Wilbur encouraged him to join the server. After obtaining the invitation, Tommy halted his YouTube feed and began broadcasting live on Twitch shortly thereafter so that he could play on SMP Earth. On SMP Earth, Tommy established the nation of Business Bay and had his first conversations with Wilbur and a number of other well-known Minecraft YouTubers, like Technoblade and CaptainSparklez.

Who in the DSMP died?

There is just one life left.

Player First death Notes
Dream Killed by TommyInnit in Dream’s vault on January 20, 2021.
Fundy Killed in the Final Control Room by George on August 2, 2020.
Technoblade Only has one canon life.
Philza Only gets one life due to his nature of playing hardcore.

How long was C Tommy in exile?

The canonical length of Tommy’s banishment was five years, making his current age canonically sixteen. He spent his childhood in exile and was himself banished at the age of 11 by his closest friend. Between the ages of 9 and 11, he participated in several conflicts and endured everything else.

Did Tubbo lose all his lives?

Pubbo was initially conceived of on Ranboo’s stream on June 4, 2021 and given its name. Pubbo consists of a body that is not visible and a pair of pants that are native to Nethere. Pubbo makes his home in the crumbling remains of L’Manberg. He said that his “creator” was now being held in the facility, and that his father is both alive and deceased (his father died but is “still here”, and the “creator” wants him dead).

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What happened to Tommy in prison break?

One last trip to Dream before passing away – On February 21, Tommy made the decision to pay Dream one more visit in prison in order to get closure. He was had to go through the regular procedure with the Warden, but he was exempt from having to sign the releases that he had previously signed.

Tommy said to Dream while entering the maximum security facility that this would be their very last encounter ever. Dream made an effort to persuade him that he had evolved, but Tommy did not buy it as he detailed the traumatic experiences that he had endured at the hands of Dream. They then heard TNT blasts outside the prison just after Tommy had finished saying his goodbyes to Dream.

Tommy questioned Dream about the disruption, and Dream responded by saying that he was equally perplexed. When Tommy asked Sam to let him out, Sam responded in conversation with the following: “You, Tommy, are going to have to be patient for the time being.

  1. The jail has gone into lockdown mode.
  2. There has been a problem with the security.” Because of this, the maximum 7-day lockdown of the jail went into effect, which was something that Tommy had agreed to in one of the waivers.
  3. This meant that Tommy was confined with Dream in the same cell.
  4. Tommy, who was in a state of fear, yelled for help and tossed some of Dream’s belongings into the lava.

Dream shouted at Tommy for the first time ever since they had both been locked in the cell, and Tommy responded in kind. Tommy had the idea of escaping by leaping into the lava, but then he realized that doing so would use up his last remaining canon life.

The passing of Tommy On the first of March, Tommy was observed irritating Dream, making fun of Dream, and walking around in the cage. After that, Sam arrived and told Tommy, who was standing on the other side of the lava, that he could not leave just yet because Sam did not yet know what had caused the explosions and that it was possible that he would have to remain in the prison for longer than the one week that had been agreed upon.

Tommy, who was experiencing a great deal of frustration, became even more upset at Dream, pointing the finger of blame at him and even hitting him as Sam distributed potatoes. Following this, Tommy accused Dream of lying about the Revival Book, an accusation that Dream vehemently refuted.

  1. Tommy, on the other hand, did not back down from his charge and instead recalled that virtually everything Dream had shared with him up to that point had been a lie.
  2. Infuriated, Dream started pounding Tommy, and the only reason he stopped was because Tommy told him he was down to two hearts.
  3. Tommy informed Dream that he was in need of potatoes in order to recover, but Dream refused to share.

Tommy then said that he was aware that Schlatt had passed away and that he had seen the deceased man’s body. Dream then began pounding Tommy, which ultimately resulted in the death of Tommy and the loss of his final canon life.

What happened to Tommy after dream died?

Warning: the page you are about to read has information that might be considered a spoiler for the story of the Dream SMP. Warning about the content: the next page or section discusses subject matter that some readers may find unsettling or disturbing.

  1. It is recommended that readers use their own judgment.
  2. If you are particularly sensitive to issues such as abuse, suicide, suicidal ideation, gaslighting, self-destructive conduct, manipulation, or post-traumatic stress, you should avoid reading this page or section.
  3. Warning: the banter and fights that you witness in feeds and movies are completely fabricated and should not be taken seriously at any point.

It is extremely disrespectful to convey hate towards anyone, therefore if you feel the want to do so at any moment, please abstain from doing so. This article provides information on the character seen on the Dream SMP. See TommyInnit for more information on the content creator that portrays this character.

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TommyInnit, whose full name is Thomas Careful Danger Kraken Innit but who is most generally referred to as Tommy, became the eighth member of The Dream SMP on July 4, 2020. His real name is Thomas Careful Danger Kraken Innit. In addition to being a founder member of Pogtopia, he was also a founding member of L’Manberg, where he served as Vice President in the past.

After Wilbur Soot’s passing, Tommy was forced to operate alone and would typically approach Tubbo for assistance. This was common throughout the Soot Administration and the Manberg Rebellion Arc, when Tommy was most commonly seen as Wilbur Soot’s right hand man.

After being banished from L’Manberg by Tubbo, he now holds a neutral membership status on the server. He provided Technoblade with some assistance following the fall of Logstedshire for a short time, but he ultimately decided to return to L’Manberg due to a moral conundrum. Following the events of Doomsday, Tommy resumed his role as a neutral member of the fellowship.

However, he chose not to make Snowchester his permanent home alongside Tubbo in order to steer out of any potential nation-based conflicts. As part of the Disc Saga, Tommy’s primary objective on the server was to retrieve his discs that had been held by Dream.

After the Disc Confrontation, Tommy, along with Tubbo and the assistance of the rest of the server members, defeated Dream and imprisoned him in Pandora’s Vault. After this, Tommy was finally able to reclaim his discs, which he has placed in his ender chest for the time being for their own protection.

Tommy had the intention of withdrawing to a life that was more gratifying to him, and he wished to earn a profit off of the server by commissioning Awesamdude to build a hotel in his name. Because of a safety concern that arose during his visit to the facility, he was forced to remain there with Dream for at least a week.

  1. Dream was also detained at this time.
  2. However, following a debate on the veracity of the Revival Book, Dream ultimately decided to put an end to Tommy’s canonical existence by taking his life.
  3. Dream revived Tommy two days later, restoring at least one of his canon lives but it is unclear how many lives he now has.

The exact number of lives he has is unknown. After Sam let Tommy out of jail, Tommy began to believe that Sam was unqualified to be the warden of the prison. As a result, Tommy planned to break into the prison in order to murder Dream for good. Because Tommy was unsuccessful in this endeavor, Dream was forced to bring Wilbur back from the grave.

What happened to Tommy in Harry Potter?

Trivia –

  • Wait is Tommy’s go-to album in his collection.
  • Tommy has an irrational aversion to persons whose names begin with the letter “P.” (e.g, Ponk, Punz, etc.)

He associates Punz, Ponk, and Purpled as one entity because they all behave in a lackey-like manner and have names that begin with the letter “P.”

  • Cobblestone is his go-to choice for stone blocks, whereas granite is his least preferred option.
  • Lightning hit him during the Doomsday War, which ultimately led to his demise. The reason for this, according to Technoblade’s joke, is that “God dislikes him.”
  • Dream has only succeeded in killing three of Tommy’s canon lives. This comprises the treachery that took place in the Final Control Room, the concluding battle for L’Manberg’s independence, and the events that took place in Pandora’s Vault. Additionally, he is the only member to have every one of their lives taken by a single adversary.
  • Dream’s assertion that he was able to bring Tommy back to life using the information in the Revival Book was initially made with regard to Tommy. On the other hand, Dream and Punz had already covertly put Vikkstar and LazarBeam to death and brought them back to life before Tommy’s rebirth.
  • Tommy is the only person who has been thought to have died more than once
  • the first time was when he left a towering pillar at Logstedshire, and the second time was when he truly passed away at the hands of Dream.
  • Tommy and Dream are the only characters who have experienced the loss of both of their canon lives in a single storyline.
  • In the stream that Ranboo did on April 27, he mentioned that when the Red Banquet was taking place, Tubbo and Tommy were roasting marshmallows, which is a parallel to what they were doing in real life at the time the event was taking place. Neither of them has, to the best of our knowledge, directly verified this information.
  • In the show, Tommy is able to sew.
  • According to Tommy, who claims to be an attorney, he is now “by law” the owner of the Holy Land.
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What happens to Tommy when he reaches his destination?

A Trip to See Dream in Pandora’s Vault The next day, on January 21, Tommy made the decision to pay Dream a visit at the facility known as Pandora’s Vault. Tommy traveled to a place after receiving a word about it from Sam. He was able to enter the area through the jail by employing a convoluted strategy involving a Nether Portal.

  1. Sam gave Tommy the order to force him to sign a solemn oath that he would not place all of the responsibility on the security guards in the event that an extraordinary event took place, such as jailbreaking or the security of Pandora’s Vault becoming compromised.
  2. After that, Tommy put his stuff in a chest, used a book to obtain a one-of-a-kind lock or key, and finally put his key inside the ender chest he had previously built.

The intricate workings of the jail were explained in detail by Sam as they led Tommy through the facility. At a minimum, the procedure took half an hour to complete. Finally arriving at his destination, Tommy was able to meet up with Dream just as Sam was putting the final lock on the prison cell in which he was being held.

Tommy inquired as to how Dream’s life had been while he was incarcerated, and Dream responded that it was extremely monotonous because he spent most of his time sleeping, writing books, swimming in a hole that was only one block deep, and eating raw potatoes. He also expressed his regret for everything he had done in the past.

Tommy did not even begin to feel sorry for Dream since he had every reason to believe that Dream was manipulating him once more in order to be pitiful and depressed. Dream told Tommy that he didn’t care if the people hated him now as he was in jail and he would serve his time, hoping that Tommy would forgive him once he had served his time.

Tommy chastised Dream about how he acted toward him, pretending to be his best friend, and all of the bad things he had done. Tommy criticized Dream about how he acted toward him, pretending to be his best friend. Tommy, fully aware that Dream desired at the very least to have someone to talk to because he had spent a significant amount of time in the prison alone himself, moved on to the next item on his list.

He handed Dream five “homework assignments” and told her he would check in with him on January 24 to see how he was doing with them. Dream has volunteered to write five books for Tommy only so that he may come back and see them. Tommy asks Dream before he departs about the person he would miss the most, and Dream says that there is no one in particular.

  1. After Dream continues to answer Tommy’s questions, Tommy decides to contact Sam, the security guard.
  2. Sam made a request to Tommy to position himself next to the water hole in Dream’s cell so that he may be killed by a potion in a way that is not canon.
  3. Tommy respawned outside of the chamber in which Dream was imprisoned, went through all of the security processes again, although this time it was significantly faster because he didn’t have to go through the quarantine protocols again.

As Tommy was leaving Pandora’s Vault, he expressed his gratitude to Sam. After he had exited the facility, Tommy recounted to his friends how impressed he was by the redstone contraptions that he had observed within the jail. After that frightening time in Pandora’s Vault, he proceeded to play with his new trident, which he had seized from Dream during the Disc Conflict.