Where Is Dream Home Makeover Filmed?

Where Is Dream Home Makeover Filmed
Where Is Dream Home Makeover Filmed Where Is Dream Home Makeover Filmed Where Is Dream Home Makeover Filmed The third season of Dream Home Makeover is now available to watch on Netflix, featuring six brand new episodes. Shea McGee and her husband Syd are the proprietors of an interior design firm known as Studio McGee, and the series follows them as they build and restore dream houses for their customers.

  1. In each episode, the McGees go to meet a new customer and are entrusted with transforming their living environment in accordance with the specifications provided by the new customer.
  2. Some projects consist of designing a single room, while others include the construction or remodeling of a whole house.

This season’s clients include a woman whose home was damaged by a fire and needs a full repair in addition to the owners of a multimillion-dollar mansion that are featured in the previous sentence. Shea and Syd have been married since 2008, and they have three daughters together: Wren, 8, Ivy, 5, and Margot, 1.

All three of their children make appearances throughout the show, as their parents attempt to balance the demands of their expanding business with the responsibilities of their active family lives. The third season of “Dream Home Makeover” on Netflix will feature Shea McGee and her husband Syd in new episodes.

Netflix In the recently aired episodes of Dream Home Makeover, the McGees travel to a variety of cities and towns around the United States to complete their makeovers. But where exactly have they been working their renovation magic this season? Newsweek has all of the information you want on the location of the filming of Dream Home Makeover.

  1. The reality show Dream Home Makeover shoots in a number of different places.
  2. Salt Lake City, Utah serves as the location for most of the filming because it is the McGees’ hometown and because a significant portion of the show focuses on the family’s home life and how the McGees manage their careers and their three daughters.

In 2015, the family relocated there from Los Angeles, immediately after the establishment of their interior design company, Studio McGee. During the third season, we find the McGee family hard at work constructing their brand-new headquarters in Salt Lake City, where the majority of their 170 workers are located.

Wren and Ivy McGee, the kids of Shea and Syd McGee, will make an appearance on the third season of “Dream Home Makeover,” along with their younger sister Margot. Netflix Even though the McGees consider Salt Lake City to be their home, when it comes time to complete renovations, Studio McGee on the road and works in a number of other places.

Salt Lake City was the primary location for filming during the first season of Dream Home Makeover, but as the show’s run has progressed and the McGees’ business has expanded, they have worked with a wide variety of customers from different parts of the United States.

According to the newly aired episodes, the following places served as the settings for production of Dream Home Makeover season 3. San Marcos, California was the location of Episode 1, while Salt Lake City, Utah was the setting for Episode 2. Southern California is featured in Episode 3, whereas Draper, Utah is the setting for Episode 4.

Episode 5 – San Francisco, California The sixth episode takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the third season of “Dream Home Makeover,” the McGee family goes to a number of different places all across the country to meet a wide array of customers. Netflix Fans have voiced their delight at the news that Dream Home Makeover will return for a second season, and it appears that the stars of the show are just as excited about the news.

Shea took to Instagram to express her gratitude to viewers for their continued support in advance of the premiere of Season 3 of Dream Home Makeover on Netflix. She wrote the following on the official Instagram account for Studio McGee, which she posted on the stories section: “Season 3 of Dream Home Makeover premieres TOMORROW on @netflix! We have put a lot of work into this season, and we sincerely hope that you like it.

We really hope that this makes you laugh, weep, and feel inspired in equal measure. In the moments just before the launch, my anxiety level is over the roof. With a great deal of nervous excitement, I’m currently preparing for tomorrow’s episode of the TODAY program in our hotel room.

Where does the couple in Dream Home Makeover live?

Where does the home makeover series “Dream Home Makeover” on Netflix take place? – Throughout the course of the show’s three seasons on Netflix, Shea and Syd have worked on a variety of design projects throughout the states of Utah and California. These projects have included anything from superficial upgrades to comprehensive gut restorations, as well as everything in between.

  • Due to the fact that the couple presently makes their home in the Salt Lake City region with their three kids, Wren, Ivy, and Margot, the majority of their customers in Utah are situated in close proximity to their residence.
  • Since Syd is from California to begin with, it seems sense that the couples frequently take on jobs that are located on the West Coast as well.

When Shea and Syd were still relatively new to being married, they did spend some time living in Southern California. On Dream Home Makeover, Syd and Shea not only display their life as parents, but many of the scenes that include them are recorded on location at the work sites for the design projects that they are working on.

Where do Shea McGee and Syd live?

The work of a designer is challenging enough on its own. When you factor the physical distance, subzero conditions, an impending deadline, and the impending arrival of baby number two, an undertaking can quickly become quite difficult. While working on a contemporary mountain hideaway for a young couple with four children, design company Studio McGee’s Syd McGee and Shea McGee, who was pregnant at the time, overcame all of the aforementioned challenges.

  1. According to Shea, “I began working with this family almost four years ago on the design of their home in San Clemente, California.” Later on, the McGees relocated to Salt Lake City in order to establish their business there.
  2. As fate would have it, some of their close friends and former neighbors were looking for a designer to help them decorate their new vacation house in Woodland, which is approximately an hour away.

Although the residence wasn’t too far away, the clientele who were situated in California were. The McGees developed expertise in working together over vast distances and in making the most of face-to-face interactions. “Because our clients reside in a distant state, we would have marathon meetings when they came into town,” explains Shea.

When they came into town, we would have marathon meetings.” “Every couple of months for around one and a half years, we would have large presentations, go shopping, and have a long (and chilly) site tour,” Shea drew inspiration for the interior design from the natural scenery that was all around her home.

She used a muted color scheme of whites and grays to represent the vast areas of snow and Aspen trees that are present throughout the winter months. She was also mindful to steer clear of some of the more traditional rustic trappings in favor of a design that was more contemporary and kid- and parent-friendly.

  1. She explains that “it needs to seem like a mountain house without the clichés.” “We established a base with simple lines, and then built over it with layered textures such as leather, wool, and antique carpets.
  2. Our objective was to combine traditionally male aspects, such as the steel fireplace, with traditionally feminine elements, such as hints of warm brass and soft linens.” In spite of the difficulties that were associated with the project (according to Shea, “We installed all 9,000 square feet with me waddling about two days before Christmas and five days before I had the baby”), Studio McGee managed to give the house a relaxed and laid-back vibe.
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That a successful design cooperation can go the distance is demonstrated by the fact that the home is imbued with the pair’s signature livable yet refined style, which has garnered them more than 250,000 followers on Instagram. Photo credit goes to Travis J.

Are Shea and Syd still together?

Are Shea and Syd McGee members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? According to Netflix, Shea and Syd McGee are the married couple who own Studio McGee, an interior design and e-commerce firm with 70 workers and customers from all over the world.

  • Shea received her Bachelor of Arts degree in communications and public relations in 2007 from Brigham Young University, which is a private researcher university owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church.
  • Prior to that, Shea studied interior design at Saddleback College.

However, there is no information readily available about the faith that Shea and Syd adhere to. Following the commercial, the article will resume. In the meanwhile, a page on Mormon Wiki asserts that Shea and Syd are both members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; however, the article does not provide any sources for this particular piece of information.

  • Following the commercial, the article will resume.
  • After Syd’s previous digital marketing firm was purchased, the pair decided to launch their own enterprise.
  • During the time that Syd was gathering her thoughts, I decided that I would do what I could (despite the fact that I had a kid who was only two months old) to assist us out with my budding tiny design business.

I created a website and an Instagram account. And that was when everything shifted “In 2014, Shea published blog posts. “My business expanded at a phenomenal rate,” Shea continued. “People not just from different parts of Southern California but also from other parts of the country asked me to build their homes for them.

I had no clue how I was going to manage the workload, and the possibility of working with my spouse was never even a thought. After a while, I finally understood it. Syd was on the lookout for a new start-up venture that he could become involved in, and the ideal opportunity was there right in front of him.

I can clearly recall sobbing and asking, “Are you certain that we will be able to accomplish this?” As it turned out, the response was a resounding “Yes!”” Following the commercial, the article will resume. With this fresh strategy in mind, the pair decided to sell their house, make the move to Utah, and launch Studio McGee in the state’s capital city of Salt Lake City.

Why do the McGees live in Utah?

When Dream Home Makeover’ s Syd and Shea McGee were still frantically struggling to make ends meet, they depended on one another — and the prospect of establishing their dream company together — to get through. Shea, now 35 years old, recalls the early days of Studio McGee and tells PEOPLE that “we were really, really hurting financially.” “I don’t believe that Syd and I ever had the mindset that we weren’t going to make it, but it doesn’t mean that we weren’t miserable.

There were a lot of tears.” Before this week’s cover stars of PEOPLE had their own Netflix series, a line of furniture, or a collaboration with Target, or a best-selling memoir, they had both abandoned their office jobs to begin their interior design firm seven years ago. But after a year of attempting to get it off the ground, they had used up their resources trying to do so, and the stress was imposing a significant load on their marriage.

Call It Lucy According to Shea, the situation was challenging due to the fact that everyone involved was attempting to treat one another with respect. “I really wanted to give Syd some space and time, but unfortunately we just didn’t have it. And he was very critical of his own performance.” In 2014, in an effort to find a location with a cheaper cost of living, the couple ultimately relocated from California to Utah, where they began gradually expanding their business.

  1. Syd, now 36 years old, recalls that after moving to Utah for the first time, all she and her husband did for the first four years was work.
  2. When we returned home from the small downtown office that we had, that was in a pretty run-down section of downtown Salt Lake, we would play with our eldest, Wren, for a little while, put her to bed, and then we’d go back to work again until like 11:30, midnight, and do that every day.” Shea, Adds, and “Our connection went through a lot of strain as a result of the fact that everything was brand new, and we were both learning and making errors throughout this time.

In addition, the stakes appeared to be rather high.” Had the first year of operation for Studio McGee, Syd and Shea in their very own office. Studio McGee Instagram The amount of work they had to do was taxing, but Syd has an idea about how they managed to get through it.

Where is Studio McGee’s house?

Dream Home Makeover is the name of a brand new home improvement show that was recently made available on Netflix. The McGees, Shea and Syd, are a married couple who own the successful interior design firm Studio McGee. The show follows them. The show takes viewers inside Shea and Syd McGee’s home in addition to focusing on the tasks that the McGees complete for their many clients as part of their professional lives.

  1. The show will make you feel incredibly envious of other people’s houses, particularly Syd and Shea McGee’s gorgeous Utah residence, which is shown throughout the series and is now undergoing renovations.
  2. They purchased property in Lehi, Utah, in a quiet cul-de-sac that is located in a subdivision that is located some distance from the city itself.

Since that time, they’ve started construction on the home from the ground up, and of course Shea is responsible for the design of the entire thing. The amazing mansion that Syd and Shea McGee call home is featured in a complete tour that can be seen on YouTube.

What is Shea and Syd worth?

Find out more about Shea and Syd McGee’s financial situation here! – Shea has mentioned in the past that she and her spouse had their first encounter in college, and they went on to be married in 2008. Shea was nine months pregnant with their daughter Wren when she quit her work to follow her goals of becoming an interior decorator.

  • Wren is now nine years old.
  • In the end, Syd also handed in his notice, which was for two weeks.
  • Studio McGee would emerge from their mutual enthusiasm for interior design somewhere in the not-too-distant future.
  • According to The Cinemaholic, Shea and Syd have a combined net worth of roughly 5 million dollars as of the year 2020.

McGee, Shea American businesswoman, personality on a reality television show, and interior designer 5 million dollars in net worth Shea McGee gained a significant following on social media when she and her husband, Syd, established Studio McGee, a company that specializes in house renovations.

  • Shea and Syd are your hosts for today’s episode of Dream Home Makeover on Netflix.
  • Date of birth: July 5th, 1985 Origin: The State of Texas, United States of America Getting Hitched: Syd McGee (2008 – present) Children: Wren McGee, Ivy McGee, Margot McGee Following the commercial, the article will resume.

Netflix is the source. Shea McGee and his twin brother Syd McGee However, they had to endure a lot of challenges before they became famous. The pair has not been coy in the past about the difficult beginnings of their financial situation. When Shea and Syd first started their company, they did not have many financial resources available to them.

  1. Shea revealed to People that the couple’s ongoing financial struggles eventually caused a gap in their relationship.
  2. Following the commercial, the article will resume.
  3. It just takes one financial crisis to bring down a couple, and adding a new child to the mix may be catastrophic.
  4. It was a trying period of time.
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There was a significant amount of crying “The host of Dream Home Makeover divulged some information. Nevertheless, the drought did not continue forever. Their customer base and their family expanded in tandem with the expansion of their social media presence.

Did the McGees move back to California?

Where does the show “Dream Home Makeover” get filmed? The third season of “Dream Home Makeover” was shot in both California and Utah. During the first episode, the McGees renovated a kitchen in San Marcos, California, before traveling on to Salt Lake City, which is nearly ten hours away, for the second episode.

In Salt Lake City, they remodeled a kitchen. The following episode took us back to California, specifically to the southern portion of the state, where they continued their work on a unique full-house makeover for Liz and Neil. In the subsequent episode, the characters traveled back to Utah, but this time they were in the Draper area.

After that, Syd and Shea performed their architectural wizardry on a major suite refurbishment that was filmed in San Francisco. And then, towards the conclusion, we see camera teams setting up shop once more in Salt Lake City in order to assemble a living room that is suitable for children.

Did the McGees move to California?

Although Syd and Shea McGee, of Goal Home Makeover, appear to have it all now with a successful interior design firm and a popular television program, they came dangerously close to losing everything while pursuing their dream. They quickly burned through their savings and found themselves in dire financial straits, eventually moving from California to Utah in a last-ditch effort to afford to keep going.

  1. The college sweethearts took a major risk and quit their office jobs to start their design firm, Studio McGee, when they became new parents and decided to take a major risk and quit their office jobs to start their design firm.
  2. A little over half a decade later, Syd and Shea have created a brand that has won them a large number of devoted followers (including 2.3 million Instagram followers ).

They have 140 staff working on the design of 17 different houses located all around the country. They have also begun working on a series for Netflix, in addition to releasing a line of furniture and collaborating with Target. You may watch the entire episode of “People Cover Story: Shea and Syd McGee” that is currently streaming on PeopleTV.com, or you can download the PeopleTV app on your preferred device to watch it there.

  1. Shea, who is 35 years old, is quoted on the cover story of this week’s issue of PEOPLE as saying, “Never in my wildest dreams did I believe we would be here now.” “We believed that we would be able to provide for our family, get some customers, and even sell some things.
  2. But the fact that individuals from all over the world have reached out to us and told us that we have inspired them to embark on a new path, a new job, or to redesign their house is fantastic.” Especially taking into consideration the bumpy ride they had to get here.

Call It Lucy Shea had been working full-time in public relations while also attending night classes in interior design at a community college in the area just 11 short years ago. She quit her work to start a new company from the spare bedroom of her and Syd’s starter house in Southern California while she was pregnant with their elder daughter Wren, who is now 7 years old.

  • She had landed a few styling and decorating assignments before she made the decision.
  • They also have a daughter together, Ivy, who is 5 years old, and they are expecting another child in July.) Not long after that, Syd, 36, who was also floundering in his career at a technology business, decided to leave his job there as well.

Shea recalls that they had always discussed the possibility of him setting out on his own. The timing, however, was anything but ideal: “All of a sudden, I had to sustain us on this design money, and we were pushing everything to the limit.” Never miss a story — sign up for PEOPLE’s free daily newsletter to keep current on the best that PEOPLE has to offer, from juicy celebrity news to engaging human interest stories.

  • PEOPLE’s free daily newsletter is available here.
  • Call It Lucy They were forced to tighten their belts while Shea pieced together clients and Syd stepped in to oversee the business side of the company while Shea was busy cobbling together clients.
  • They made a solemn promise not to eat out, terminated their memberships at local gyms, and cut their television service.

But very quickly, anything that wasn’t either their rent or their food was off the table. “We were selling items to make ends meet. It simply evolved to the point where anything and everything that was not essential had to be removed, “Shea explains. She remembers that when things were at their worst, she felt furious and guilty because she had to put items back in order to check out at the grocery.

Because of the circumstances, there was a lot of stress put on their marriage. “The couple already had a newborn child when they started having financial issues, so it was a challenging period for the whole family. There was a significant amount of crying “What Shea says. NETFLIX After one year, they came to a crossroads at which they either had to give up their business in order to get back on their feet or make a significant adjustment to their way of life.

They both went to college in Utah, which is where they first met each other and where they ultimately decided to make their home. “We were already kind of at a situation where there wasn’t a backup plan, and we were aware that it was a less expensive option.” In 2014, they signed a lease for Studio McGee’s first office, which was a run-down facility in Salt Lake City that lacked heat and air conditioning and had squatters as occasional visitors.

  • We worked days that were either 16 or 17 hours long,” Syd remembers.
  • We didn’t say no to anything.” To this, Shea, “It was crazy, but we couldn’t contain our excitement since we were working for something.” Had the first year of operation for Studio McGee, Syd and Shea in their very own office.
  • Studio McGee Instagram WATCH OUT FOR THIS: Syd McGee and Shea McGee, of Dream Home Makeover, are Expecting Their Third Child Together: “We Are So Excited!” is what we are saying now.

They slowly but gradually amassed a customer base, secured a few significant jobs, and recorded the entire process on Instagram. The social media platform was important in the expansion of their business and even served as a stepping stone on their path to TV stardom.

  • After a rocky beginning with a production firm that had seen their account and wanted to cast Syd in a role that was a sham for a contractor, they made the decision to launch a channel on YouTube instead so that they could generate material on their own terms.
  • After waiting a few years, when the opportunity to meet with Netflix presented itself, they felt that they were prepared to give television another go.

Lucy Call On Dream Home Makeover, which debuted in October and returned for a second season in January, Shea tackles all kinds of design projects, from renovating single rooms on to building multimillion-dollar mansions from the ground up — all in their signature Studio McGee style, which is a mix of the cool, modern aesthetic of their former home in Southern California and the cozy, mountain-chic aesthetic of their adoptive one in Utah.

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Is McGee a Mormon?

Are Shea and Syd McGee members of the Mormon religion? – Yes. Shea and Syd McGee are supposedly members of the Mormon faith. This means that they are said to adhere to a religious organization that embraces the tenets of Christianity in addition to the revelations that were provided by Joseph Smith, the founder of the religion.

Even though the couple has not discussed their religious beliefs on any of the episodes of Dream Home Makeover, there is substantial evidence to imply that they are members of the Mormon church. This involves having the wedding take place in a temple, as is customary for most Mormons. Shea also attended a university that was supported financially by the Mormon religion.

Syd, on the other hand, traveled to a place that is not connected to any religion, despite the fact that some fans of Netflix have remarked the series is “very Mormon” in terms of the lifestyle it portrays. In search of a statement, Reality Titbit has reached out to Studio McGee.

  • Although it took a few episodes for it to become clear, both Syd and Shea, as well as the program as a whole, had strong Mormon values and beliefs.
  • The enormous prairie dresses.
  • Everyone is staying at home to educate a million sets of IVF twins.
  • Those who were adopted from other countries.
  • While Lorena Cupcake is driving the minivan to acquire ice cream and cookies, she is making a loose tweet sandwich (@lorenacupcake).

March 5, 2021 View Tweet Shea relocated from Texas to Provo, Utah, when she was a teenager so that she could attend Brigham Young University. It was during her time spent traveling to see her brother at Utah Valley University, where he was a student at the time, that she was introduced to Syd, who was her brother’s roommate.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, sometimes known informally as the Mormon Church, is the organization that financially supports Brigham Young University. In 2007, she received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the college with a major in communications and public relations. She eventually enrolled at Saddleback College to pursue a career in interior design.

The pair currently makes their home in Lehi, Utah. The Latter-day Saint Church has its world headquarters in Salt Lake City, which is home to the bulk of Utah’s population of Latter-day Saints. Locations were investigated for the Netflix show DREAM HOME MAKEOVER; in what areas are the episodes of the second season set?

What is Shea McGee salary?

Shea McGee is said to have a net worth of about $5 million, according to The Cinemaholic.

Is McGee pregnant again?

Syd McGee and his wife Shea McGee have three children. In their series on Netflix called “Dream Home Makeover,” the McGees have let viewers into their homes to show us around. We get a glimpse of their lives as parents in between seeing them plan and develop amazing designs.

In between, we get to watch them create. Wren McGee joined the McGee family in 2013, becoming the couple’s first daughter. Wren is reportedly the designer of the family and has indicated interest in following in her mother’s footsteps as a fashion designer, as stated by PopSugar. On their YouTube channel, Shea revealed that their kid had brought home a little notebook similar to the one they use at school for daily writing assignments.

“There was also a careers page there. She penned the following in her journal: “When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Designer.” My chest literally blew up.” Ivy was the name given to the newest member of the family who was born in 2016. During a preview episode of the Netflix series, we got our first look of Ivy, who was just four years old when the episode aired.

Does Syd McGee have a degree?

Does Syd McGee have a degree? – Yes, he does. The majority of individuals are curious about Syd McGee’s educational background and Syd McGee’s college degree since the vast majority of individuals believe that he majored in a home improvement-related field, such as interior design.

Is Shea McGee a certified interior designer?

Neither Syd nor Shea has any kind of academic training or experience in the field of interior design. Shea has a degree in communications and worked in public relations before she realized that interior design was her true calling. This realization prompted her to enroll in design classes at a community college and work as a freelance designer. Shea has a degree in communications.

How does Shea McGee whiten her teeth?

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Our is the final week of summer for us in this area, and I can’t wait to soak up every last drop of the season! xo-S

Did the McGees move back to California?

Where does the show “Dream Home Makeover” get filmed? The third season of “Dream Home Makeover” was shot in both California and Utah. During the first episode, the McGees renovated a kitchen in San Marcos, California, before traveling on to Salt Lake City, which is nearly ten hours away, for the second episode.

In Salt Lake City, they remodeled a kitchen. The following episode took us back to California, specifically to the southern portion of the state, where they continued their work on a unique full-house makeover for Liz and Neil. In the next episode, the characters traveled back to Utah, but this time they were in Draper.

After that, Syd and Shea performed their architectural wizardry on a major suite refurbishment that was filmed in San Francisco. And then, towards the conclusion, we see camera teams setting up shop once more in Salt Lake City in order to assemble a living room that is suitable for children.

What state is Instant Dream Home filmed in?

The show, which was filmed in the metro Atlanta area in the previous year and is called “Instant Dream Home,” shows the kind of rushed jobs that are excellent for dramatic television but make little sense in the real world.