Who Sang I Dreamed A Dream In Les Miserables?

Who Sang I Dreamed A Dream In Les Miserables
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Did Anne Hathaway sing herself in Les Miserables?

LOS ANGELES — Hugh Jackman’s co-star Anne Hathaway has decided to break her silence over Jackman’s performance in “Les Miserables.” Instead of praising Jackman, 50, with compliments when she presented him with an award at the Hollywood Film Awards on Sunday night, Hathaway shared previously unknown stories from the stage about how Jackman actually behaved on the set of their musical drama from 2012.

In case you haven’t noticed, the current trend in society is toward anarchy. Now let’s turn the tables, shall we? “asked Hathaway, 35. “I once witnessed Hugh Jackman, the kindest gentleman in Hollywood, lose his (expletive),” said the other person. More: Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman continue their fight with a humorous faux advertisement for a political candidate Additionally: “insanely hot” When he makes his rare public appearance at the Hollywood Film Awards, Brad Pitt packs the fire.

She related an experience she had while working on lengthy rehearsals for “Les Miserables” with director Tom Hooper. Both Jackman, who played Jean Valjean, and Hathaway, who played Fantine, performed every take live in the movie, which went on to win three Academy Awards (including best supporting actress for Hathaway, while Jackman was nominated for best actor).

We had been at it for hours and were far past the point of weariness; we were in that unique place that only Tom Hooper or delivery can bring you,” said Hathaway, setting the tone for the story. “We had been at it for hours and were well past the point of tiredness.” A shift in demeanor from the ordinarily gregarious Jackman was something that Hathway noted during a set break.

His appearance was described as “stormy,” and he had a “thousand-mile glare.” “I felt I had to say something so I said, ‘Are you okay man?’ ” It was Hathaway who recalled it. Hugh took a rapid, deep breath in, fixed his eyes on mine, and whispered with clenched teeth, “Annie, it’s a lot.” ” As the audience erupted in laughter, Hathaway exclaimed, “That’s it, that’s the worst conduct I have seen from Hugh Jackman.” The crowd screamed in agreement.

Actually, as Hathaway was on the platform, she was thinking of another Jackman controversy. “He did have two drinks in the span of one evening. Although I wasn’t present, he assured me that he was, “— I quote her. According to Hathaway, the event demonstrated that regardless of the circumstances, the “lowest” that Jackman ever stooped to was to mumble.

“That’s quite a bit.” “I tell the narrative to make the point that no matter how much you would like to flip the script on Hugh Jackman, you can’t,” Hathaway explained. “I tell the story to make the point.” “He has never in his life, not even once, used his talent as an excuse to behave in a jerklike manner.” Jackman, who plays the role of the one-time presidential contender Gary Hart in “The Front Runner,” appeared to be embarrassed as he took the stage.

Jackman remarked to Annie, “You make myself seem like such an annoyance.” He did receive a zinger back noting that he was delighted that Hathaway had recovered from the terrible character Fantine that she played in “Les Miserables.” “The last time I saw you, your teeth had been plucked out, your hair had been cut short, and you were wandering the streets.

And look at you today. Just take a look at how far you’ve come!” Who Sang I Dreamed A Dream In Les Miserables

Who sang the best version of I Dreamed a Dream?

Les Misérables is the name of the musical that contains the song “I Dreamed a Dream.” During the first act of the musical, the character Fantine sings it as a solo for the audience. When Susan Boyle sang it on Britain’s Got Talent, the song had a boom in popularity that lasted for quite some time.

There are two well-known renditions of it: the first is by Ruthie Hernshell, who performed it on the recording of the tenth anniversary celebration, and the second is by Lea Salonga, who sang it at the 25th anniversary concert. Both of these performances are available. I’m interested in hearing which version you think is more effective; the videos are as follows: Personally, I think Ruthie Hernshell is more attractive.

While I prefer her voice and she comes off as more real, Lea is a terrible example of someone who overacts.P.S. I did not add Susan Boyle’s rendition since she is more well-known and would automatically receive more votes even if people did not listen to Ruthie or Lea’s versions first.

Does Anne Hathaway sing I Dreamed a Dream?

Because of this, it is difficult to fault Anne Hathaway, who plays Fantine in the film adaptation, for feeling nervous when she had to perform “I Dreamed a Dream” for the film. This is especially true considering that all of the vocals for the movie were recorded live, with only a piano accompaniment coming through her earpiece.

What is the main song in Les Miserables?

One of the most well-known songs from the play is “I Dreamed a Dream,” which is performed by Fantine as a solo during the play’s first act.

Do the actors really sing in Les Misérables?

‘Every single person is singing every take live,’ as Tom Hooper, the director of the upcoming adaptation of Les Misérables, and his cast (Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, and others) gush enthusiastically about the making of the film in a new extended promo for the movie, the director of the movie is Tom Hooper, and his cast includes Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, and others.

Does Hugh Jackman sing in Les Misérables?

1. Hugh Jackman’s “Look Down” is a towering song to start off this soundtrack. It is one of the most impressive beginnings to a musical that we can think of, and it is performed by Hugh Jackman. It is also the first time that Hugh Jackman’s singing voice is heard in his role as Jean Valjean, the hero of “Les Miserables.”

Who is most famous for singing The Impossible Dream?

Notable renditions –

“The Impossible Dream (The Quest)”
Single by Jack Jones
from the album The Impossible Dream
B-side ” Strangers in the Night “
Released April 1966
Recorded 1966
Studio Columbia 30th Street Studio, New York City
Genre Traditional pop
Length 2 : 17
Label Kapp
Songwriter(s) Joe Darion, Mitch Leigh
Producer(s) Pete King
Jack Jones singles chronology


“The Weekend” (1966) ” The Impossible Dream (The Quest) ” (1966) ” A Day in the Life of a Fool ” (1966)



  • Richard Kiley as Man of La Mancha on the original Broadway cast CD, which was released in 1965
  • 1966: Jack Jones included it on his album The Impossible Dream (with different lyrics), and this version peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 list and number one on the Adult Contemporary chart in the United States.
  • Ed Ames, on his album More I Cannot Wish You, from the year 1966
  • Frank Sinatra, in 1966, on his album titled “That’s Life.”
  • Jim Nabors included the song “Love Me With All Your Heart” on his album that was released in 1966, and he also sang it in the 1967 episode of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. titled “The Show Must Go On.”
  • The Temptations released an album titled “The Temptations in a Mellow Mood” in the year 1967.
  • 1967: Shirley Bassey released the song “And We Were Lovers” on her album.
  • Robert Goulet, performing “More Great Songs From the Big Hit Shows: Robert Goulet On Broadway, Volume 2” in 1967 for his CD of the same name.
  • Matt Monro, on his album titled “Invitation to Broadway,” recorded in 1967
  • In 1967, the Brazilian singer Ronaldo Reys released a Portuguese translation of the song named Sonho Impossible. The song was then recorded by a number of other Brazilian musicians.
  • Roger Williams, in 1968, released the album titled “More Than a Miracle.”
  • 1968: Where We’re At! by The Hesitations on their album of the same name.
  • 1968: The Imperials released the song “New Dimensions” on their album.
  • In 1968, Andre Kostelanetz released the song “For the Young at Heart” on his album.
  • Jacques Brel released the song “La Quête” in 1968 on the album “L’Homme de la Mancha.” The song was originally written in French.
  • The Vogues released their album titled “Turn Around, Look at Me” in 1968.
  • Glen Campbell released the song “Hey Little One” in 1968 on his album.
  • Andy Williams released the song “Honey” in 1968 on his album.
  • In 1968, Cher released the album titled “Backstage.”
  • On their album titled “Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour,” released in 1968 by the Smothers Brothers
  • It was 1968 when Sergio Franchi released Wine and Song as an album.
  • In 1969, Sammy Davis, Jr. featured the song “The Going’s Great” on his album.
  • 1969: Roger Whittaker releasing his record on his own name Hello, my name is Roger Whittaker.
  • 1969: Scott Walker released his record under this name. Scott Walker performs songs from his television series on this album.
  • Liberace, from his album “I Play Piano and Sing,” released in 1969 (Volume Two)
  • 1969: Shani Wallis released the song “As Long as He Needs Me” on her album.
  • 1970: Roberta Flack released Chapter Two, the second part of her album.
  • 1970: Harry Secombe released “A Man And His Dreams,” the title track to his album.
  • Sounds Like Malcolm Roberts was the title of the album that Malcolm Roberts released in 1971.
  • Elvis Presley released “Elvis as Recorded at Madison Square Garden” in 1972 as the title track of his album of the same name.
  • On the album “Climb Every Mountain,” released in 1972, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Columbia Symphony Orchestra may be heard.
  • Ken Boothe, in his album titled “Everything I Own,” released in 1974
  • On their album titled “The Impossible Dream,” released in 1974 by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band
  • 1974: Maria Bethania releases her album A Cena Muda under the title “Sonho Impossible,” which was translated from the Portuguese.
  • The Impossible Dream, recorded by Albertina Walker and the Christ Universal Temple Ensemble in 1984 and released as an album.
  • Colm Wilkinson, on his album titled “Stage Heroes,” released in 1989
  • In the episode of Quantum Leap from 1989 titled “Catch a Falling Star,” starring Scott Bakula as Sam Beckett.
  • On the television sitcom Major Dad, Season 2 Episode 22, Jon Cypher performed the role of General Craig, United States Marine Corps.
  • 1992: Carter USM released their album under this name. The Love Album, released in 1992
  • In 1994, Luther Vandross released the album titled Songs.
  • 1995: Roger Whittaker, “On Broadway,” from the album of the same name
  • Tevin Campbell’s performance from 1996 can be found on the compilation CD Rhythm of the Games: 1996 Olympic Games Album.
  • On the compilation album Tonight: Hits from the Musicals, which José Carreras sang on in the year 2000.
  • The Supreme Florence Ballard by Florence Ballard, released in 2001 on the album by the same name
  • On the Man of La Mancha cast CD from the Broadway production in 2002, Brian Stokes Mitchell may be heard.
  • On her CD titled “Broadway My Way,” released in 2003 by Linda Eder
  • Aretha Franklin gave a performance of the song in 2005, when she attended the burial of civil rights leader Rosa Parks.
  • Andy Abraham, on his first album, “The Impossible Dream,” released in 2006.
  • Johnny Hallyday released the song “La Quête” in 2006 with its original French title. It can be found on the live albums “Flashback Tour: Palais des sports 2006” and “La Cigale: 12-17 décembre 2006.”
  • Revelation, the album that Christopher Lee released in 2007
  • Sarah Connor, on her album titled “Solicious,” released in 2007.
  • In 2007, Jed Madela released the album titled “Only Human.”
  • In 2008, Rhydian Roberts released his self-titled debut album.
  • 2009 saw the recording of songs by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones for the 7″ Impossible Dream.
  • 2009: Republic Tigers appeared on the tribute album His Way, Our Way available on iTunes.
  • 2010: Alfie Boe and Matt Lucas collaborated on a duet for the album Bring Him Home.
  • 2011: Jackie Evancho released the deluxe version of her album titled Dream With Me.
  • In 2014, Susan Boyle released the album titled “Hope.”
  • In the television movie Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Impossible Dream, Christina Bianco played the role of Miss Wyoming, Mindy Maloney in 2015.
  • 2015: As a contest piece for the grand finale of the first season of Asia’s Got Talent, Gerphil Flores sang the operatic version of the song, which ultimately landed her in third place.
  • Ramon Jacinto released his debut ballad album in 2016, titled Romancing RJ.
  • During the Kennedy Center Honors ceremony in 2016, Cynthia Erivo gave a performance of the song.
  • In 2017, Jason Manford released his first album, titled A Different Stage.
  • In the year 2020, Josh Groban will release the album Harmony.
  • Who is the original singer of Dream on?

    Aerosmith released their first studio album in 1973 titled Aerosmith, which included the power ballad titled “Dream On.” This song, which was the band’s first big hit and quickly became a regular on classic rock radio, was written by the band’s lead singer, Steven Tyler.

    Did Reese Witherspoon sing for sing?

    Photograph by Suzanne Tenner courtesy of 20th Century Fox/Kobal/Shutterstock Featuring Reese Witherspoon Witherspoon took voice lessons in preparation for her part as June Carter Cash in the biopic Walk the Line, which tells the story of the life of country music great Johnny Cash.

    During her appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, she stated, “I’ve never sang before professionally.” “We put in some work. First, we took vocal lessons for six months, and then, over the course of another six months, we recorded an album. I was essentially given the opportunity to train my voice.

    Roger Love was the one who instructed me on singing technique.” She utilized the new skills that she had learnt while working on Sing and Sing 2. During an appearance with the show Sing that aired on Today, Witherspoon said that “country music was lot simpler for me.” “This was a challenge.

    Does Anne Hathaway have singing training?

    Between the years 2001 and 2004, early roles and breakthroughs – Hathaway starred as the main character in both the comedy The Princess Diaries and the adventure drama The Other Side of Heaven, both of which were released by Disney in the year 2001. The former tells the story of Mia Thermopolis (Hathaway), a young girl who finds out that she is the heiress to the throne of the mythical Kingdom of Genovia.

    The story is based on Meg Cabot’s novel of the same name, which was published in 2000. During a stopover on her route to New Zealand, Hathaway presented her audition tape for consideration for the part. The director of the movie, Garry Marshall, at first contemplated casting Liv Tyler in the part, but ultimately decided to go with Anne Hathaway because his granddaughters thought she had the most beautiful “princess hair.” With a total revenue of $165 million around the globe, the movie was a huge financial success.

    A great deal of critical acclaim was bestowed upon Hathaway’s performance. One reviewer from the BBC stated that “Hathaway shines in the title role and generates great chemistry,” and Elvis Mitchell of The New York Times referred to her as “royalty in the making, a young comic talent with a scramble of features.” As a result of her work in the role, she was nominated for an MTV Movie Award in the category of Best Breakthrough Female Performance.

    In the film The Other Side of Heaven, directed by Mitch Davis, Hathaway shared the screen alongside Christopher Gorham. The movie, which was based on the book “In the Eye of the Storm” written by John H. Groberg, was received with largely unfavorable reviews and was not successful at the box office. “When it comes to playing the part of a princess, there is a limit to the amount of time a young girl may spend in that guise before beginning to feel completely absurd.

    Because I have such a good time participating in them, I believe I may as well get the most out of them while I still have the chance. After that, you should go off and play all of the drug addicts and the prostitutes, as well as all of the decent ones that you win Oscars for a little bit later on.” —Hathaway, 2004 People magazine highlighted Hathaway’s performance in The Princess Diaries as one of the year’s most noteworthy breakthroughs in the entertainment industry.

    • Her first performance on a stage in New York City took place in February 2002, when Hathaway was featured in the City Center Encores! concert production of Carnival! She portrayed the role of Lili, an upbeat orphan who develops romantic feelings for a magician.
    • Hathaway had two weeks of vocal training with a vocal coach before beginning rehearsals with the rest of the group.

    During the first run-through, she had practically all of her songs and lines completely committed to memory. She was hailed as a rising star by the majority of critics for the fact that she was able to compete successfully with established performers.

    Hathaway was praised for her convincing portrayal by Charles Isherwood of Variety, who wrote a good review of the musical. Isherwood named Hathaway the highlight of the show and described her as “remarkably unaffected and winning.” It was announced that she was the recipient of the Clarence Derwent Award for Most Promising Female.

    In later years, Hathaway lent her voice to the audiobook versions of the first three Princess Diaries books that were published. During the course of the following three years, Hathaway portrayed princesses and made appearances in films geared at families.

    • As a result, she became well-known in the mainstream media as a children’s role model.
    • After providing the voice of Haru Yoshioka for the English version of The Cat Returns (2002), she went on to feature in the comedy-drama Nicholas Nickleby (2002), directed by Douglas McGrath, which received favorable reviews upon its first release.

    However, the movie did not have a broad distribution and was a commercial failure in North America, with ticket sales reaching less than $4 million overall. Ella Enchanted (2004), a fantasy romantic comedy film in which Hathaway played the eponymous heroine, did not do well at the box office either.

    She had read the novel that the movie was based on for the first time when she was 16 years old. She noted that the script was initially much closer to the book, but that it did not work as a film. As a result, she preferred the movie in the form that it eventually took. The picture was met with largely mixed reviews when it was premiered.

    Hathaway contributed vocals to the soundtrack of the movie by singing three songs, one of which was a duet with singer Jesse McCartney. In 2003, Hathaway declined the offer to play Christine Daaé in Joel Schumacher’s remake of The Phantom of the Opera (2004).

    The reason she gave was that the film’s production schedule conflicted with that of The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, which she was starring in at the time (2004). She was initially reluctant and anxious about starring in the sequel, but she eventually consented to do so after Marshall persuaded her that she would not be duplicating anything from the first film.

    The movie was released in August of 2004 to poor reviews, yet it nevertheless managed to earn $95.1 million against its initial budget of $40 million.

    What did Anne Hathaway say about Taylor Swift?

    Fans have been trying to figure out the identity of “some actor” mentioned in Taylor Swift’s 10-minute version of All Too Well ever since the re-release of her album Red. This is a song that has been long believed to be about her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal in 2010, when she was 20 and he was 29.

    In the 15-minute short film that accompanied the re-release of the song, Sadie Sink from Stranger Things plays the role of “Her,” Dylan O’Brien from Teen Wolf plays the role of “Him,” and Taylor Swift plays an older version of “Her.” Despite the fact that Swift has been avoiding inquiries regarding the characters, it is abundantly evident that the “Her” and “Him” in question are indeed Swift and Gyllenhaal.

    In addition to those calling for the cancellation of the Gyllenhaal movie, the internet has been preoccupied with people attempting to figure out who Taylor Swift is referring to in the phrase “Not sobbing in a party bathroom.” Someone in the acting industry asked me what had happened to you.

    You are to blame for all of this.” According to the Daily Mail, initial fan speculations suggested that the star in question was Jennifer Aniston. At the 2011 People’s Choice Awards, Aniston allegedly advised Swift to “hang in there” after the break-up of her relationship with Swift. After a pop culture Instagram account called Deuxmoi noted that one of Aniston’s pals had commented on a post about the tea by writing in all capital letters, “NOT TRUE, PEOPLE!!! “, the notion was soon debunked and put to rest.

    YOU’VE GOT THE WRONG ACTRESS THERE!” The Swifties then shifted their attention to Anne Hathaway, who had previously collaborated with Jake Gyllenhaal on the 2010 film Love and Other Drugs. In an interview with Glamour UK in 2015, Hathaway stated that she had her first encounter with Taylor Swift around the time that she was dating Gyllenhaal.

    Hathaway said the following about Swift: “She simply appears to be following her heart.” “I hope it’s alright to discuss this, but I met her while she and Jake (Gyllenhaal) were together. We got together one night when she was 20 years old and it was fun. My response was something along the lines of, “You are a lovely creature.” She was blazing hot, and I’ve seen her transform into this unstoppable natural force.

    It would appear that an unnamed source has claimed to corroborate this most recent notion by emailing Deuxmoi, and the gossip account has now posted a screenshot of the email to its Instagram stories. The following is what is said in the body of the email: “I have it on VERY VERY excellent authority that the All Too Well actress is Anne Hathaway (as has been suggested elsewhere, but you may consider it verified).” “AH completely understood how doomed they were and felt he was such a (eggplant emoji) for f’ing with her in the first place,” it added.

    Does Amanda Seyfried sing in Les Mis?

    Hooper cast Seyfried as Cosette opposite Hugh Jackman, Eddie Redmayne and others in ‘Les Misérables.’ The performer told Variety in 2021 that she regretted the job since she loathed her singing voice in the film. ‘In my career I have had a number of occasions where I simply felt full regret,’ Seyfried added.

    What is the meaning of Les Misérables?

    Who Sang I Dreamed A Dream In Les Miserables Updated September 30, 2021. Les Misérables has numerous shades of meaning in French. Translators suggest that Victor Hugo’s work, published in 1862, may just as well be titled The Miserable Ones, The Outcasts, The Wretched Poor, The Victims or The Dispossessed,

    But with its emotionally satisfying musical versions, Les Misérables is so closely connected with “rousing score and lyric,” and “epic search for justice in France” that the title – typically abbreviated to its nickname, “Les Mis” – has lost some of its punch. PBS delivers a brutal impact in its miniseries Les Misérables on Masterpiece, headed by performers Dominic West and David Oyelowo.

    The characters’ plights inside society and the cat-and-mouse conflict between fugitive convict Jean Valjean and Inspector Javert unfold without any musical notes of comfort. At times, the production is tougher to see than a horror picture, whether we’re flinching at the storyline’s brutality, poverty, blood or self-sacrifices.

    Hugo wrote about his own time in the 1,500-page tome of Les Misérables, set between 1815 and 1832, but in its introduction he delivered a message to future readers throughout the ages: “So long as ignorance and poverty remain on earth, literature of the sort of Les Misérables cannot fail to be of value.” Below are some key characters as featured in the PBS series.

    Spoiler alert to anyone unfamiliar with the plot! Who Sang I Dreamed A Dream In Les Miserables

    Does Anne Hathaway sing in any movies?

    Singing – Hathaway’s impressive singing career includes credits in cinema, television and on stage, commencing on stage with performance as Lili in Carnival!, and onscreen with her major part in Ella Enchanted, She also sung in various voice parts like as Princess Penelope in The Simpsons and Jewel in Rio and its sequel,

    Does Anne Hathaway have singing training?

    2001–2004: Early roles and breakthrough – The comedy The Princess Diaries and the adventure drama The Other Side of Heaven, both 2001 Disney pictures, featured Hathaway in key roles. Based on Meg Cabot ‘s 2000 novel of the same name, the former follows young Mia Thermopolis (Hathaway) who finds that she is the successor to the throne of the mythical Kingdom of Genovia.

    • Hathaway auditioned for the part during a flight stopover on the route to New Zealand.
    • Garry Marshall, the film’s director, first considered Liv Tyler for the role, but selected Hathaway after his granddaughters noted that she had the nicest “princess” hair.
    • The picture proved a big commercial success, grossing $165 million worldwide.

    Many critics appreciated Hathaway’s performance; a BBC critic stated that “Hathaway shines in the title character and produces terrific chemistry” and The New York Times ‘ Elvis Mitchell thought her to be “royalty in the making, a youthful comedy prodigy with a jumble of features”.

    1. She won an MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Female Performance nomination for the role.
    2. Hathaway featured opposite Christopher Gorham in Mitch Davis’s The Other Side of Heaven,
    3. Inspired by John H.
    4. Groberg ‘s biography In the Eye of the Storm, the film received with generally poor reviews and was a box-office disappointment.

    “In terms of the princess role, there is only so long that you can play them as a young girl before you start feeling absolutely foolish. They are so much fun to do, I guess I may as well get the most out of them while I can. Then go ahead and play all the drug addicts and the prostitutes, and all the decent ones you win Oscars for a little bit later on.” —Hathaway, 2004 Owing to the popularity of The Princess Diaries, People magazine named Hathaway one of their breakout stars of 2001.

    • In February 2002, Hathaway appeared in the City Center Encores! concert production of Carnival! in her New York City theatrical debut.
    • She portrayed Lili, a hopeful orphan who falls in love with a magician.
    • Before rehearsing with the complete cast, Hathaway practiced with a voice coach for two weeks.
    • She learned practically all her lines and songs during the first read-through.

    Critics mainly commended her for holding her own against well-known actors and touted her as a new star. In a good review for the musical, Charles Isherwood of Variety dubbed Hathaway the highlight of the show and “remarkably unaffected and winning”, applauding her compelling portrayal.

    1. She earned a Clarence Derwent Award for Most Promising Female.
    2. Later, Hathaway narrated the audiobook edition of the first three books of The Princess Diaries trilogy.
    3. Hathaway portrayed princesses and acted in family-oriented films during the following three years, later being renowned in the media as a children’s role model.

    After portraying Haru Yoshioka for the English version of The Cat Returns (2002), she featured in Douglas McGrath ‘s comedy-drama Nicholas Nickleby (2002), which debuted to favorable reviews. However, the picture did not receive broad distribution and flopped at the North American box office, collecting less than $4 million in ticket sales.

    • The fantasy romantic comedy picture Ella Enchanted (2004), in which Hathaway played the eponymous heroine, likewise scored poorly at the box office.
    • She had first read the novel on which the film is based when she was 16, and remarked that the script was initially much closer to the book but did not work as a film, and thus appreciates the film the way it became.

    The film released to generally mediocre reviews. Hathaway sang three songs on the film’s soundtrack, including a duet with singer Jesse McCartney, In 2003, Hathaway turned down the part of Christine Daaé for Joel Schumacher’s The Phantom of the Opera (2004), because the production timeline of the film conflicted with The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004).

    Does Amanda Seyfried sing in Les Mis?

    Hooper cast Seyfried as Cosette opposite Hugh Jackman, Eddie Redmayne and others in ‘Les Misérables.’ The performer told Variety in 2021 that she regretted the job since she loathed her singing voice in the film. ‘In my career I have had a number of occasions where I simply felt full regret,’ Seyfried added.

    Why did they cut Anne Hathaway’s hair in Les Misérables?

    When Anne Hathaway cut off all of her hair, my first thought was that she was following in Emma Watson’s footsteps by doing so in order to make a statement on the fashion catwalk, the red carpet, or wherever else she may be. Instead, Hathaway’s new hairstyle was the result of an unavoidable decision.

    1. The actress has made the decision to take on the role of Fantine, the heroic and tragic prostitute from Les Miserables who shaves her head early on in the story in order to help rescue herself and her kid.
    2. Hathaway was unprepared for the reception that coming out with a shorter hairstyle gave her, despite the fact that the haircut was an essential element of the character.

    The actress made an appearance on Thursday’s episode of Live with Kelly! to discuss how the haircut was done onscreen, as well as how she felt after all of her lovely locks were washed away. When she volunteered to get all of her hair chopped off and talked to the director Tom Hooper about it, she had the attitude that it was no great thing.

    • After all, getting an extreme haircut was something that the young man, who was 29 at the time, had been wanting to do for a long.
    • It wasn’t until the locks started falling from the sky that the star felt an overpowering sensation of terror wash over her.
    • Now that I’ve reached this point in my life, not only can I backflip out of windows, but I can also jump off skyscrapers.

    And the act of cutting my hair brought me to tears, on par with those of a mental patient. I was unable to be consoled.” According to another account from People, the celebrity was made to sit in a chair for twenty minutes while having her hair chopped in half, which provided her with sufficient opportunity to second-guess and agonize over her decision.

    1. Thankfully, there was a little of humorous relief midway through the cut when her stylist, Paul took over the haircut from the woman in the Les Miserables scene, filming the rest of the scene with the woman wearing the period piece dress she had been wearing.
    2. It was all worth it when I turned around at the very end of the shoot and saw Paul, gorgeous Paul, in the dress with his arms spread.

    He made it all worth it. Simply having that benefit made everything completely worthwhile.” Pop Blend is of the opinion that the cut works incredibly well with Hathaway’s face structure; nonetheless, it is always unsettling to chop off something that a person is aware would take years to grow again.