Who Sings The Best Version Of The Impossible Dream?

Who Sings The Best Version Of The Impossible Dream
The song “The Impossible Dream (The Quest)” is arguably one of the most sought-after and sung songs from a Broadway show. It has been performed and recorded by several singers from different countries all over the world. The song was a huge smash the first time it was performed in 1965, when it was included in the musical that it was written for.

  1. Jack Jones, an American actor and jazz-pop singer, recorded his own version of the song on July 26, 1966.
  2. The song quickly rose to the top of the Billboard Easy Listening list and peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
  3. In addition, it is stated that his rendition raised the standard significantly for the song overall.

Glen Campbell | Photo Credits: glencampbell.com Glen Campbell, an American country music singer-songwriter, also performed his own version of the song later that same year in 1968. He included it on his eighth studio album, titled Hey Little One, and released it to the public.

Who sang the most popular version of The Impossible Dream?

Notable renditions –

“The Impossible Dream (The Quest)”
Single by Jack Jones
from the album The Impossible Dream
B-side ” Strangers in the Night “
Released April 1966
Recorded 1966
Studio Columbia 30th Street Studio, New York City
Genre Traditional pop
Length 2 : 17
Label Kapp
Songwriter(s) Joe Darion, Mitch Leigh
Producer(s) Pete King
Jack Jones singles chronology


“The Weekend” (1966) ” The Impossible Dream (The Quest) ” (1966) ” A Day in the Life of a Fool ” (1966)



  • Richard Kiley as Man of La Mancha on the original Broadway cast CD, which was released in 1965
  • 1966: Jack Jones included it on his album The Impossible Dream (with different lyrics), and this version peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 list and number one on the Adult Contemporary chart in the United States.
  • Ed Ames, on his album More I Cannot Wish You, from the year 1966
  • Frank Sinatra, in 1966, on his album titled “That’s Life.”
  • Jim Nabors included the song “Love Me With All Your Heart” on his album that was released in 1966, and he also sang it in the 1967 episode of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. titled “The Show Must Go On.”
  • The Temptations released an album titled “The Temptations in a Mellow Mood” in the year 1967.
  • 1967: Shirley Bassey released the song “And We Were Lovers” on her album.
  • Robert Goulet, performing “More Great Songs From the Big Hit Shows: Robert Goulet On Broadway, Volume 2” in 1967 for his CD of the same name.
  • 1967: Matt Monro on his album Invitation to Broadway
  • In 1967, the Brazilian singer Ronaldo Reys released a Portuguese translation of the song named Sonho Impossible. The song was then recorded by a number of other Brazilian musicians.
  • Roger Williams, in 1968, released the album titled “More Than a Miracle.”
  • 1968: Where We’re At! by The Hesitations on their album of the same name.
  • 1968: The Imperials released the song “New Dimensions” on their album.
  • In 1968, Andre Kostelanetz released the song “For the Young at Heart” on his album.
  • Jacques Brel released the song “La Quête” in 1968 on the album “L’Homme de la Mancha.” The song was originally written in French.
  • The Vogues released their album titled “Turn Around, Look at Me” in 1968.
  • Glen Campbell released the song “Hey Little One” in 1968 on his album.
  • Andy Williams released the song “Honey” in 1968 on his album.
  • In 1968, Cher released the album titled “Backstage.”
  • On their album titled “Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour,” released in 1968 by the Smothers Brothers
  • 1968: Sergio Franchi releasing “Wine and Song” on his album
  • 1969: Sammy Davis, Jr. on his album The Goin’s Great
  • 1969: Roger Whittaker releasing his record on his own name This is Roger Whittaker
  • 1969: Scott Walker released his record under this name. Scott Walker performs songs from his television series on this album.
  • Liberace, from his album “I Play Piano and Sing,” released in 1969 (Volume Two)
  • 1969: Shani Wallis on her album As Long as He Needs Me
  • 1970: Roberta Flack released Chapter Two, the second part of her album.
  • 1970: Harry Secombe on his album “A Man And His Dreams”
  • Sounds Like Malcolm Roberts was the title of the album that Malcolm Roberts released in 1971.
  • Elvis Presley released “Elvis as Recorded at Madison Square Garden” in 1972 as the title track of his album of the same name.
  • 1972: The Mormon Tabernacle Choir with the Columbia Symphony Orchestra on the album Climb Every Mountain
  • 1974: Ken Boothe on his album Everything I Own
  • On their album titled “The Impossible Dream,” released in 1974 by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band
  • 1974: Maria Bethania releases her album A Cena Muda under the title “Sonho Impossible,” which was translated from the Portuguese.
  • The Impossible Dream, recorded by Albertina Walker and the Christ Universal Temple Ensemble in 1984 and released as an album.
  • Colm Wilkinson, on his album titled “Stage Heroes,” released in 1989
  • In the episode of Quantum Leap from 1989 titled “Catch a Falling Star,” starring Scott Bakula as Sam Beckett.
  • 1992 General Craig, USMC (played by Jon Cypher ), on Major Dad TV program S2E22.
  • 1992: Carter USM on their album The Love Album, released in 1992
  • In 1994, Luther Vandross released the album titled Songs.
  • 1995: Roger Whittaker, “On Broadway,” from the album of the same name
  • 1996: Tevin Campbell on the compilation album Rhythm of the Games: 1996 Olympic Games Album
  • On the compilation album Tonight: Hits from the Musicals, which José Carreras sang on in the year 2000.
  • The Supreme Florence Ballard by Florence Ballard, released in 2001 on the album by the same name
  • On the Man of La Mancha cast CD from the Broadway production in 2002, Brian Stokes Mitchell may be heard.
  • On her CD titled “Broadway My Way,” released in 2003 by Linda Eder
  • Aretha Franklin gave a performance of the song in 2005, when she attended the burial of civil rights leader Rosa Parks.
  • 2006: Andy Abraham on his debut album The Impossible Dream
  • Johnny Hallyday released the song “La Quête” in 2006 with its original French title. It can be found on the live albums “Flashback Tour: Palais des sports 2006” and “La Cigale: 12-17 décembre 2006.”
  • Revelation, the album that Christopher Lee released in 2007
  • Sarah Connor, on her album titled “Solicious,” released in 2007.
  • In 2007, Jed Madela released the album titled “Only Human.”
  • 2008: Rhydian Roberts on his debut album Rhydian
  • 2009 saw the recording of songs by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones for the 7″ Impossible Dream.
  • 2009: Republic Tigers appeared on the tribute album His Way, Our Way available on iTunes.
  • 2010: Alfie Boe and Matt Lucas collaborated on a duet for the album Bring Him Home.
  • 2011: Jackie Evancho released the deluxe version of her album titled Dream With Me.
  • 2014: Susan Boyle on her album Hope
  • In the television movie Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Impossible Dream, Christina Bianco played the role of Miss Wyoming, Mindy Maloney in 2015.
  • 2015: Gerphil Flores sung the operatic version of the song as a contest piece for the grand finals of the debut season of Asia’s Got Talent which landed her in third place
  • Ramon Jacinto released his debut ballad album in 2016, titled Romancing RJ.
  • 2016: Cynthia Erivo sang the song at the 2016 Kennedy Center Honors
  • In 2017, Jason Manford released his first album, titled A Different Stage.
  • In the year 2020, Josh Groban will release the album Harmony.
  • Who sang Impossible Dream on Tony Awards?

    Richard Kiley, the actor who originated the role of Man of La Mancha, performed “The Impossible Dream” during the 1972 Tony Awards.

    Who sang The Impossible Dream in the 60’s?

    In popular culture of the 1960s, the idea that those who we label as insane are actually the ones with their sanity intact was a common assumption. Playwright Dale Wasserman had recently been successful on Broadway with the production of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST when the opportunity to work on his next project, a musical based on Miguel de Cervantes’s life and writings, presented itself.

    It was initially planned for the speak-singer Rex Harrison to star in the premiere of MAN OF LA MANCHA at the Goodspeed Opera House; however, the score, which was composed by Mitch Leigh (music) and Joe Darion (lyrics), evolved into one that would be beyond Harrison’s skills. Richard Kiley, who was considered to be Broadway’s preeminent dramatic baritone at the time, was fortunately available.

    Kiley had already been honored with a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical for his performance in REDHEAD; but, the part of Don Quixote would be the one that would come to define his theatrical career. Today marks the fiftieth anniversary of the first night performance of the production at the ANTA Washington Square Theatre on W.4th Street, which was nominated for a Tony Award.

    The musical was voted the greatest of the season, and it also won Tony Awards for best composition, best performance (given by Kiley), best directing (given by Albert Marre), and best scenic design (given by Howard Bay). Kiley’s delivery of the score’s iconic song, “The Quest,” also known as “The Impossible Dream,” was saved on THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW, as was the case with many other famous Broadway musical performances of the era.

    In 1966, Jack Jones was the artist whose rendition of “The Impossible Dream” was the first to become a hit record. The song’s lyric was changed for the pop recording, as is the case with a great number of Broadway tunes. During the contentious variety program that the Smothers Brothers hosted on television in the 1960s, they included their own brand of political commentary by singing “The Impossible Dream.” This is a live performance of the previously shown routine.

    In the film adaptation of MAN OF LA MANCHA that was released in 1972, Simon Gilbert provided the vocals for Peter O’Toole’s performance. Kiley took MAN OF LA MANCHA back to Broadway for two further productions, the most recent of which was in 1992 and starred Raul Julia in the title character. The challenging role was taken on by Brian Stokes Mitchell in the year 2002.

    Even though MAN OF LA MANCHA is comprised of more than one song, the fact that “The Impossible Dream” has achieved legendary status has contributed significantly to the success of the musical. Recordings of the song and live performances of it have been given by some of the most well-known personalities in music and theater.

    Does Josh Groban sing impossible dream?

    Josh Groban’s The Impossible Dream is available as a single on Spotify.

    Who sang the original version of Dream on?

    Performances given in real time –

    “Dream On (Live)”
    Single by Aerosmith
    from the album Last Action Hero: Music from the Original Motion Picture
    Released June 8, 1993
    Recorded June 6, 1991
    Venue MTV 10th Anniversary Special
    Genre Symphonic rock
    Length 5 : 42
    Label Columbia Records
    Songwriter(s) Steven Tyler

    Tyler has performed the song’s piano portion several times in concert over the course of his career. The band has also performed “Dream On” on occasion while accompanied by an orchestra. One of these performances was conducted by Michael Kamen and was played live for MTV’s 10th Anniversary (in 1991).

    1. It was later featured on the soundtrack for the movie Last Action Hero.
    2. On September 19, 2006, Aerosmith paid tribute to Ehud Goldwasser, an Israeli soldier who had been abducted and was the subject of the song.
    3. At a concert on September 22, 2007, in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the band Aerosmith paid tribute to one of their fans, Monica Massaro, who had been slain earlier that year.

    They dedicated the song to her. On the night of May 25, 2011, at the live finale of the tenth season of American Idol, Tyler sang a quick performance of the song in front of an audience. At the annual Fourth of July concert put on by the Boston Pops Orchestra in 2006, Tyler and Joe Perry gave a live performance of the song with the orchestra.

    Who sang Impossible Dream on Tony Awards 2021?

    That medley included an instrumental rendition of ‘Try to Remember,’ Brian Stokes Mitchell performing his soaring take on ‘The Impossible Dream’ from Man of La Mancha, and Norm Lewis and Kelli O’Hara joining voices on West Side Story’s heart-rending ‘Somewhere.’ The performance concluded with a curtain dropping

    What is the most Tony nominated musical of all time?

    Hamilton (2016) holds the record as the most-nominated production in Tony history, with 16. There are three musicals tied for second place with 15 nominations each: Billy Elliot, The Musical (2009), The Producers, the new Mel Brooks musical (2001), and Jagged Little Pill (2020).

    Did Jonathan Groff win Tony?

    In 2015, he made his comeback to the Broadway stage to take on the role of King George III in the musical Hamilton. As a result of his performance, he was nominated for a Tony Award in the category of Best Featured Actor in a Musical.

    Jonathan Groff
    Occupation Actor singer
    Years active 2002–present

    Did James Arthur steal the song Impossible?

    Version attributed to James Arthur –

    Single by James Arthur
    from the album James Arthur
    Released 9 December 2012
    Recorded 2012
    Genre Pop synth-pop R&B
    Length 3 : 29
    Label Syco Sony
    Songwriter(s) Arnthor Birgisson Ina Wroldsen
    Producer(s) Graham StackMatt Furmidge
    James Arthur singles chronology


    ” Impossible ” (2012) ” You’re Nobody ’til Somebody Loves You ” (2013)


    Soon after he was crowned champion of the ninth season of The X Factor, James Arthur released a downloadable cover version of the song “Impossible” on December 9, 2012. This was done shortly after the show’s conclusion. The CD single was made available for purchase on December 12th, 2012.

    • Revenues from each download were estimated to be at least £0.25 and all profits from CD and download sales were to be given to the charity Together for Short Lives,
    • The nonprofit helps with “children with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses.” Simon Cowell, the creator of The X Factor and an executive producer on the show, made the following statement regarding the decision to support Together for Short Lives: “is a very important and inspiring charity that assists a large number of children and their families who are in desperate need of assistance and support.

    I am overjoyed that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the winning singles on The X Factor will go directly toward assisting them.” It took just one week for the song to sell 489,560 copies, making it the year’s best-selling single in the United Kingdom by far.

    Who originally sang Impossible?

    The Barbadian pop and R&B artist Shontelle was the one who the song “Impossible” was initially composed for and performed by. According to an interview that Shontelle gave to J-14 Magazine, she said, “I genuinely felt that ballads were absent from radio for a while, and I knew that there was no music out there for devastated people.”

    Who sang The Impossible Dream in the Honda advert?

    The advertising firm Wieden+Kennedy London was responsible for the creation of the campaign that included the advertisement. Kim Papworth, Sean Thompson, Chris Groom, and Tony Davidson were among the contributors and creative directors for this project, while agency producer Julia Methold was also involved.

    Ivan Zacharias, who directs, and Nick Landon, who produces films, both work for Stink, the film production firm that hosts the advertisement. Jan Velicky served as the director of photography for this production. Filip Malasek, who works for the Czech film editing business Robota, was the editor. For the sake of the England national football team’s campaign in the 2006 FIFA World Cup, the original ad underwent some minor revisions.

    The majority of the scenes in the advertisement were updated to include flags bearing a St. George’s Cross design. These flags were put to the rear of the bikes and to the caravan that was featured at the beginning of the advertisement. In addition, the lettering “Honda” was replaced with a giant George Cross when it appeared on the hot air balloon that appeared at the end of the video.

    The production of the original advertisement as well as the one made for England set the company back £4.5 million. A making-of version of the video as well as a karaoke version of the video were also produced. This advertisement was not broadcast in the United States at any point. The statement at the end of the original version was directed primarily for England.

    In contrast, the voice-over at the end of the Australian version was performed by Garrison Keillor and said “I couldn’t have stated it better myself” (This is now the standard version used in the United Kingdom). The song being played is “Impossible Dream (The Quest)” by Andy Williams, which can be found on his album titled 16 Most Requested Songs.

    What is Josh Groban’s best song?

    To Where You Are – Position One The song “To Where You Are,” which can be found on Josh Groban’s self-titled album, came in at number one on our list of the Top 10 Songs by Josh Groban. It sounds more adult contemporary than anything else. The heartbreaking song is about having to say goodbye to someone you love.

    • The fact that the song is about someone who is now in Heaven contributes to its overall sad tone.
    • If you’ve just experienced the death of a loved one, you should definitely give this song a listen.
    • He manages to make even the most depressing situation sound inspirational.
    • The music prevented the song from having a downbeat atmosphere.

    The arrangement has a touching and melodic quality to it. The piano and the string section are featured prominently in the piece. The music is genuine, and listening to it will make you feel a range of emotions. It is absolutely sure to make you cry your eyes out.

    The sensitivity of Groban’s vocals will, in addition, cause you to shed some tears. As he sings of someone being in Heaven, he manages to get into your very being and touch your soul. When he sings of a loved one gazing down on him from above, we defy you not to become emotional. He has a manner about him that touches your heart.

    He pours his heart out when he sings the powerful words. Given that he possesses the heavenly timbre of an angel, it is natural that he should perform a song such as this one. This heartfelt song fully justifies its position atop our ranking at the number one spot.

    What is Josh Groban’s vocal range?

    The voice of Josh Groban – Josh Groban has said that he is a “tenor in training,” and his voice reflects this. He has been classified as both a tenor and a baritone due to the fact that his vocal range extends from G2 (two Gs below middle C) to B4, which is only a few notes away from a tenor C when he is performing live.

    Groban is known for his work in opera, despite the fact that his voice is heavily influenced by musical theater. He sings on a daily basis in Italian, Spanish, and French, and he has named Pavarotti as one of the musical inspirations that influenced him. Season 5 of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” is now airing.

    Credit: Getty Images

    Does Josh Groban sing Nessun Dorma?

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    Who originally sang Impossible?

    Single by Shontelle
    from the album No Gravity
    Released 9 February 2010
    Recorded 2009
    Studio Chalice Recording Studios, Los Angeles, California, U.S.The Vault, Stockholm, Sweden
    Length 3 : 46
    Label SRC Motown
    Songwriter(s) Arnthor Birgisson Ina Wroldsen
    Producer(s) Arnthor Birgisson
    Shontelle singles chronology


    ” Battle Cry ” (2009) ” Impossible ” (2010) ” Perfect Nightmare ” (2010)

    table> Music video Impossible on YouTube

    Shontelle, a vocalist from Barbados, is the artist behind the song ” Impossible.” It was released as the first single to be taken from her second studio album, titled No Gravity (2010). Arnthor Birgisson and Ina Wroldsen are responsible for the song’s composition, and Birgisson was the one responsible for its production.

    On February 9, 2010, it was made available in digital format. The song “Impossible” reached its highest position on the Billboard Hot 100 in Denmark at number five, as well as number thirteen in the United States, number thirty-three in Canada, and number nine in the United Kingdom. James Arthur, the winner of the ninth season of The X Factor, released a cover version of the song in December 2012, shortly after he was crowned the winner of the talent competition.

    It was published not long after he took the prize, and it quickly climbed to the top of the charts in the United Kingdom and Ireland, in addition to peaking in the top 10 in 20 other countries. As of the year 2021, it has a total of 1,940,010 copies sold in the United Kingdom.

    Who are the 5 most important characters in the film The Impossible?

    The tsunami that struck the Pacific Basin during the winter of 2004 and caused widespread devastation is still regarded as one of the most catastrophic natural catastrophes in human history. Before watching “The Impossible,” I had the preconceived notion that its finale, which was depicted in Clint Eastwood’s film ” Hereafter ” (2010), could never be topped; nonetheless, I was proven wrong by that film.

    • This is a heartbreaking movie about the suffering of humans.
    • When the catastrophe occurred in 2004, we were in London, and subsequently, when we were in Biarritz, we remained transfixed in front of the television to watch the news.
    • The enormous wall of water that surged from the ocean time and time again, throwing trucks, buses, and its defenseless victims aside each time it did so.

    This must have come straight from the pits of hell. The victims in Eastwood’s picture saw it afar on home video. In filmmaker Juan Antonio Bayona ‘s “The Impossible,” they look lost in it, devoured by it, doomed by it. As “The Impossible” begins, all is quiet at a lovely resort beach in Thailand.

    After only a few seconds, the victims are picked up like matchsticks. The focus of the movie is on a family unit consisting of a young British couple, Maria and Henry Bennett (played by Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor respectively), and their three young kids, Lucas, Simon, and Thomas ( Tom Holland, Oaklee Pendergast and Samuel Joslin).

    All five of them are terrified that they would lose touch with their loved ones forever. In the previous Eastwood picture, they appear to be the unfortunate victims of a terrible destiny that singles them out for a fate that may have been predicted. In the movie by Bayona, have they already been predetermined to meet an unfortunate end? While my wife and I were seated in a dimly lit cinema, I extended my hand to shake hers.

    Both she and I had been to the beach, and we had spoken of returning there with our offspring and perhaps our grandkids. A cold finger crept its way gently down each of our spines. Such a relationship may be scary. What exactly does it signify? We are nothing more than toys in the hands of the gods. Naomi Watts, who plays the film’s protagonist, establishes herself as a formidable contender for an Academy Award.

    Lucas (Holland), the story’s oldest young hero, has become isolated from the rest of his family and is making dogged efforts to locate his relatives. How was it ever possible for anyone to survive? It takes a lot of guts for the little guy to put himself out there like that and attempt to help other people.

    Warning: the following contains spoilers, albeit the movie’s trailer and several advertising have already revealed many of them. I’m glad that the story caught me off guard like that. We meet the Bennett family as they are commencing their vacation in Khao Lak, Thailand, which takes place on a flight.

    A profoundly unsettling change in the environment is something that we can nearly sense rather than hear. There is a fundamental flaw in the system. We watch the tsunami from the visitors’ point of view. A change occurs in the cosmos, and as a result, a group of confused people are left behind with a world that is a chaotic mess.

    They are rummaging around in the ruins. After being horrifyingly thrown through a glass wall, Maria has the horrifying realization that she can see her son Lucas’s little head and body struggle to remain afloat in the swelling flood waters. She clings to wreckage with an incredible tenacity and fortitude, and eventually, she and her companions find themselves in a makeshift hospital that appears to have been pieced together in some way.

    We come to the conclusion that she has sustained the most severe injuries, and she begins to lapse in and out of consciousness. She is a medical doctor and administers immediate care to herself in the event of an emergency. Henry, a hardy and courageous man, yells out the names of his two younger boys and puts them aboard a vehicle that is heading for higher ground.

    • After dozens of hours of watching TV news, the physical layout of the area somehow looks at least somewhat recognizable to us.
    • All of those YouTube videos made by strangers have been inhabited by characters we conceive of as individuals we know.
    • The scenes in the movie that are guaranteed to make your skin crawl are the ones in which Lucas puts himself in the position of being his mother’s bodyguard and protector.

    This time around, over yet another holiday season, this movie transforms into a compelling narrative about the unifying power of a family. In this movie, the writer Sergio G. Sanchez and the director Juan Antonio Bayona blend visual effects in such a way that they are double powerful.

    Did Sammy Davis Jr sing The Impossible Dream?

    Spotify is currently inaccessible on your browser. It is recommended that you use the most recent version of your browser or download the Spotify app for the best listening experience. Download the app Find out more.

    What were they coughing up in the impossible?

    In a subsequent hospital scene, medics inject Maria with medicines and pour antiseptic over her leg incision. The agony causes her to shout out. A woman who is resting next to Maria in the hospital begins to hack violently and then throw up big volumes of blood that has coagulated. Maria, too, begins to vomit blood, and the severed end of a plant vine emerges from her mouth at the same time.